fuel ever Esbit solid fuel

fuel ever Esbit solid fuel 1
The highest quality fuel-not without reason often called Esbit fuel.

Esbit is a world leader in the field of solid fuel production. For more than 70 years, this company is already working on the search for and implementation of the highest quality fuel.

The active substance in these types of fuels is Hexamethylenetetramine-a heterocyclic chemical compound, obtained from the reaction of formaldehyde ("dehydrated formalin")

>and ammonia. It has the form of white crystals and, when pressed into larger cubes, serves as a "fuel contribution" to specially designed ovens. The undeniable advantages of this type of fuel are:


– it is completely "non-explosive";

– does not become visible during combustion-it will not leak out of the oven, which guarantees a high level of safety;

– seamlessly ignites from lighters or lighter;

– no spark when burning-burned holes in fleece and jackets are already past;

– during combustion, the fuel constantly emits high temperature, which speeds up the cooking and heating process;

– practically does not leave ashes after burning,

– does not emit smoke;

– it is compact, lightweight and easy to store and transport;

– with proper storage, it retains its properties for many years;

– Most airlines allow you to carry this type of fuel in your luggage (however, you need to make sure before leaving the information on the line)

All of the above attributes make this type of fuel more and more widely used by outdoor enthusiasts, camping enthusiasts, survivalists, as well as military units, emergency services and organizations that help in third world countries.

The packaging contains 12 cubes of 14g.

Brand: Esbit


Esbit Solid Fuel Tablets-12x14g

esbit solid fuel tablets g 1

  1. Tablets individually packed waterproof – Burn time approx.

Buy Esbit Solid Fuel Tablets-12x14g here $11.00

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