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A popular model for Speedo Aquapulse, which impresses you with matching.

Adhere well, ensure stable grip during each start and at each turn. In addition, the inner side of the panes has been applied anti-fog coating Anti-Fog and effectively protects against harmful UV rays. Beautifully made, extremely effective looking Speedo swim glasses, model Aquapulse, it perfectly protects your eyes against adverse water in all conditions. Aquapulse goggles are suitable both at the pool, where their use is particularly advisable, due to the high content in the water, strongly irritating eyes of chlorine, as well as in all other water bodies in which you plan to swim.

Aquapulse swimming goggles are the comfort of use and perfect protection of your eyes, ensured by very good quality materials used for their production and precise execution. The basic properties of Aquapulse glasses are mainly:

– excellent eye protection against adverse water effects

– providing good visibility under water, a wide angle of view possible, thanks to the objective oval shape of the lens

– special coating preventing the formation of steam inside the lenses, improves visibility and thus general swimming comfort

– protection against UV radiation, which can damage the eyesight, provided by a special filter placed in the lenses

– convenience when fitting andremoval, protection against accidental loss of glasses, for example during a jump into the water (thanks to a flexible but strong strap, which maintains the eyeglasses in a comfortable and comfortable position all the time)

With Aquapulse swimming goggles, in a safe and comfortable way , you will protect your eyes and eyes during swimming training, jumping into the water or just a recreational bath in the pool.





Fit-IQ Fit

Additional features –

– 3D modeled gaskets

– hydrodynamic holder

Anti-Fog-is a special polymer coating located on the inner side of the glass that causes evenly spreading drops of water, creating a thin layer.

This guarantees perfect visibility all the time, regardless of whether the glasses are dry or wet. The unique lens hardening process gives them exceptional transparency and prevents discolouration from the sun light.

Protection against harmful UV rays.

Wide angle view.


IQ Fit-an innovative technology to match your head shapes. Its heart is the revolutionary 3D seal which uniqueness consists in fitting the profile to the eye in such a way as to prevent leakage and ensure safety during relapses and jumps to water.

The gasket also reduces the "panda effect" or imprint around the eyes.

Brand: Speedo


Speedo Black and Red Swimming goggles Aquapulse Max 2

speedo black and red swimming goggles aquapulse max

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