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plug to the ear speedo ergo ear 1
Speedo plugs to prevent water pouring into the ears.

The whole has been made of soft silicone which allows individual adjustment to the shape of the ear.

The perfect solution for all those who like to swim and dive and do not necessarily like to have water in their ears. Ideal for children or people who are just starting their adventure with swimming.



Brand: Speedo


Speedo Ergo Ear Plugs

speedo ergo ear plugs

  1. The brand’s heritage of innovation derives from its leadership in competitive swimming, where more Olympic Gold Medals have been won in Speedo than any other brand.
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  4. At best, it was distracting as I tried to clear my ears in between laps.
  5. At worst, it led to a month of ear pain when I couldn’t get the water out.
  6. I decided I needed to try some ear plugs or my weekly swim routine was gonna be gone.
  7. After reading lots of reviews for lots of brands, I finally settled on these ones.
  8. The price seemed fair and I liked the fact that they were reusable.
  9. They’re easy to insert and they keep the water out of my ears while I’m swimming laps.
  10. I have never dived or jumped into the water with these in my ears, so I can’t speak to their effectiveness for that purpose.
  11. I can hear a little bit while they’re in, but it’s definitely muffled.
  12. I have to remove at least one of them if I need to exchange conversation with someone.
  13. The carrying case is handy for keeping them clean and together in my gym bag.
  14. I like them, but with one exception: they don’t do well with caps.
  15. The cap tends to push the earplugs out of place because the tip of the plug sticks out and rubs against the cap.
  16. The more the cap covers the ears, the more noticeable this is.
  17. Also, I played music in the background to see how quiet they get and they blocked the music as well.
  18. They also came in a small case which was helpful so they can’t get lost.
  19. The only issue I did have with these, but I’m sure all ear plugs are like this, I was having trouble putting them in my ears at first, I had to get used to doing it.
  20. These fit perfectly with little to no adjustment once placed in your ears.
  21. I first tested them in the shower and they worked great.
  22. They also kept the water out of my ears without having to adjust them like I have had to do with multiple other brands that I have tried over the years.
  23. They are soft, comfortable, lightweight, and come with a nice little case.
  24. I’d highly recommend these especially with the great price!<
  25. I found that they are comfortable to the ears as the sealing flaps are very thin and light and that they sealed well to keep the water out if properly put on.
  26. The bigger outer flap reduced the amount of water presented to the smaller inner flap and together, they effectively prevent water from entering the ears during my swim which is about one hour.
  27. I also bought a pair of cheap 3 circular disc type of ear plugs and I found they leaked and were very uncomfortable to wear.
  28. I have small ears for an adult and was pleasantly surprised when they fit.
  29. The Speedo Ergo ear plugs actually do what they say they are going to do.
  30. They keep all the water out of your ears, not a drop of water got in the whole time I was swimming!
  31. What is actually great is, you can still hear other people talking to you.
  32. It is a bit softer and a little muffled, but its amazing how it keeps all the water out without all the sound.
  33. These would be great if you were in a swim class, where you could still hear a coach and still keep the water out.
  34. It kinda feels like a mini suction cup when you put them in.
  35. My daughter and I have tried several brands/types of waterproof earplugs and have never been able to find a pair that are comfortable and keep water out of her ears.
  36. At first they feel a bit snug, but once they are in place you hardly realize they are there.
  37. One does feel a little looser than the other, however it did not keep it from doing it’s job!
  38. She and I were both able to move around without water getting inside the ear.
  39. The cute case they come with is super handy so she can just pop them back in and throw them in her bag.
  40. I was able to keep my ears clear of water without wearing a swim cap.
  41. I’m very prone to swimmer’s ear and these are great for preventing that.
  42. No water gets in my ears at all when I put these in and it has made swimming so much nicer and my ears much happier.

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Speedo Swimming Ergo Ear Plugs-Water Earplugs Set Safe 7530354-085 (3-Pack)

speedo swimming ergo ear plugs water earplugs set safe pack

  1. Made of high quality TPR, these are super comfortable and super easy to place in or out of your ear.
  2. These reusable plugs come with a handy storage and carrying case to keep them clean and germ free, ready for their next use.
  3. Everyone is a little different, and I went through many different ear plugs.
  4. I started wearing ear plugs because I would get vertigo when swimming.
  5. It was actually so severe that I would not be able to continue swimming, and even had dry heaves on occasion.
  6. I tried everything including medications to try and prevent the vertigo.
  7. I then once read that earplugs can help prevent the vertigo of swimming by keeping the “colder than body temperature” water from slushing around against the ear drums.
  8. I tried the plugs and the vertigo was gone the first time swimming!
  9. Even though they may not be 100% at keeping water out, the little water that does get in apparently warms up to body temperature and prevents the “cold against the ear drums” effect.
  10. I get zero vertigo swimming, after struggling for years with it.
  11. I race all distance triathlons and always keep a back up pair in a ziplock bag tucked under my swim cap.
  12. I have had to use a back up plug twice because I was kicked int he head and lost a plug.
  13. I normally swim for 20-30 minutes about 3-5 times a week.
  14. These have worked consistently better than any other earplugs I’ve tried.
  15. Occasionally, I’ve needed to adjust them once or twice after getting in the water.
  16. But, for the most part, they fit well great on the first try.
  17. But, obviously, that will vary from person to person depending on the size of their ears.
  18. I have also had issues with the cases for my older earplugs popping open at the worst times.
  19. This case does a good job of staying closed and keeping them where they belong.
  20. The only issue I have with this case is, I wish it better airflow.
  21. I’ve noticed that I need to clean these plugs more often.
  22. If they go too long, they start to smell like mildew and start to get some gunk growing on them.
  23. For the most part, they are a great earplug that’s work really well for me.
  24. I would and have recommended them to other swimmers who need to wear ear protection.
  25. They are very comfortable and stay in my ear and with the wider edge block out all water.
  26. The only downside I found was that they got moldy in their case and there is no way to clean them.
  27. I use them for noise reduction when having to share a room with friends and mostly use them for keeping water out of my ears while swimming.
  28. They are perfectly comfortable and I have small/medium sized ear holes.
  29. He wears these, loves them and they keep the water out.
  30. He wears them jumping off diving boards and they stay in place.
  31. My teenage son has surgically installed ear tubes since a toddler.
  32. He should not get water in the ears swimming or infection can set in again if do not drain properly.
  33. Stock up now in winter better prices than if purchasing in summer when a demand.
  34. They’re not always easy to find in stores, so the three pack is a great deal.
  35. They keep water out and are very unobtrusive when wearing them.

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