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Speedo Futura Biofuse® training glasses.

Speedo BioFUSE technology-inspired by the human anatomy and thus the strength of the skeleton and the elasticity of human muscles.

This technology just makes better use of energy in the harmonious co-operation of these factors.

This technology uses the properties of the materials used to increase comfort, fit and thereby the effectiveness of the product. Wide-angle lenses with Ultra Anti-Fog system and UV protection provide excellent visibility. Speedfit system (silicone tape)

allows quick and easy adjustment to the head. White lenses provide protection, do not change the appearance of colors.




Lenses –
– UV filter

– anti-fog ultra system (improved anti-fog coating)

– wide-field field of view

Adjustment-SpeedFit System (bracket)

Included-cover for eyeglasses

Anti-Fog-is a special polymer coating located on the inside of the eyeglasses causing even drops of water to spread out, creating a thin layer. This guarantees perfect visibility all the time, regardless of whether the glasses are dry or wet.

The unique lens hardening process gives them exceptional transparency and prevents discolouration from the sun light.

Wide angle view.

SpeedFit allows you to quickly and conveniently adjust the goggles to your face.

Protection against harmful UV rays.

Brand: Speedo


Speedo Futura Biofuse FLXSL Swim Goggles, Lava Red, One Size

speedo futura biofuse flxsl swim goggles lava red one size

  1. Speedo exclusive Bio FUSE frame technology uses liquid silicone to give you the softest, most comfortable fit possible in a goggle.
  2. Cushioned comfort seals reduce leakage and Red marks around the eye, while the speed fit system makes for quick, stay-put adjustments.
  3. Look and feel your best in or out of the water, while you play, train or win in Speedo, the choice of Champions.

Buy Speedo Futura Biofuse FLXSL Swim Goggles, Lava Red, One Size here $21.60

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