glasses speedo futura biofuse clear blue

glasses speedo futura biofuse clear blue 1
Speedo Futura Biofuse® training glasses.

Speedo BioFUSE technology-inspired by the human anatomy and thus the strength of the skeleton and the elasticity of human muscles.

This technology just makes better use of energy in the harmonious co-operation of these factors.

This technology uses the properties of the materials used to increase comfort, fit and thereby the effectiveness of the product. Wide-angle lenses with ultra-anti-fog system and UV protection provide excellent visibility. Speedfit system (silicone tape)

allows quick and easy adjustment to the head.


Lens parameters:
– the color of the blue lens reduces glare from the water, in order to ensure perfect visibility both indoors and outdoors

– material:
– lens: CP

– strap: silicone

– lenses:
– UV filter

– anti-fog ultra system (improved anti-fog coating)

– wide field of view

– speed fit system

– it’s in the seta cover for eyeglasses

Brand: Speedo


Speedo Junior Futura Biofuse Swimming Goggles

speedo junior futura biofuse swimming goggles

  1. Featuring soft and flexible materials that adapt to the shape of your face for cushioned comfort every time you swim.
  2. Polypropylene– A tough yet flexible material the chemical properties of PP mean it can be engineered to bond with other types of plastic.
  3. Silicone (Liquid Injection)– Liquid silicone is a refined, more expensive grade of silicone and is injection moulded to produce very precise components, Ideal for people with sensitive skin.

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Speedo Futura Biofuse 2 Swimming Goggles – Adult – Grey/Blue –

speedo futura biofuse swimming goggles adult grey blue

  1. They have a coating which resists the formation of fog on the lens.
  2. Soft and flexible materials provide enhanced comfort and fit; whilst a rigid structure helps to give the goggle exceptional stability.

Buy Speedo Futura Biofuse 2 Swimming Goggles – Adult – Grey/Blue – here $21.65

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