glasses swimming speedo jet mirror

glasses swimming speedo jet mirror 1
Speedo Jet Mirror training glasses.

They have hypoallergenic silicone gasket and silicone, double strips that facilitate the adjustment to the shape of the head and face (adjustable toe)

The goggles are equipped with large lenses to facilitate visibility, anti-fog system and UV protection system. Mirror finishes allow you to reduce brightness and brightness.


– lens: PC

– strap: silicone

– UV filter

– anti-fog system (anti-fog coating)

– mirror finishes

Brand: Speedo


Speedo Jet Swimming Goggles

speedo jet swimming goggles

  1. Smoke lens– Provides protection from direct sunshine and bright conditions.
  2. Clear lens– Designed for low light where maximum visibility is required.

Buy Speedo Jet Swimming Goggles here $5.58 – $38.00

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