glasses swimming speedo jigsaw junior

– double seals made of very soft silicone perfectly adhere to the skin, which makes the glasses 100% watertight,

– lenses with hydrodynamic shape protects against fogging and UV rays (protection when using the swimming pool)

– single eraser, silicone with load adjustment by means of a button,

– adjustable nose allows better fitting of the eyepieces to the eye shape.



Brand: Speedo


Speedo Silicone Junior ‘Jigsaw’ Swim Cap, Kelly Green

speedo silicone junior jigsaw swim cap kelly green

  1. Quick and easy to put on and take off while not snagging hair.
  2. As with all Speedo silicone caps it is lightweight, comfortable, and very easy to get on and off without snagging hair.
  3. Because the cap is made of 100% Silicone it will last far longer than latex caps.
  4. Having used them for 3 months of swimming lessons, i love how they look and how they keep my girls’ hair dry and safe from the chlorine.
  5. They are ideally suited I think for under 5s or older kids with short and/or fine hair because the merry dance to get it over long hair resulted in an untimely end to my 5 year old’s cap after only 10 swimming lessons.

Buy Speedo Silicone Junior ‘Jigsaw’ Swim Cap, Kelly Green here $13.99

Speedo Kid’s Jigsaw Silicone Cap

speedo kid jigsaw silicone cap

    Buy Speedo Kid’s Jigsaw Silicone Cap here $49.99

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