scooter Spokey aluminum mm
The Tricroll scooter has a circle with a hardness of 80A, which perfectly absorbs vibrations even on an uneven ground, the ABEC5 bearings guarantee high precision, thanks to which they are durable and the wheels are faster.

The platform has a non-slip lining, it not only protects against slipping but also allows you to control your position while driving.

Aluminum from which the scooter is made ensures optimal weight, thanks to which it is stable and durable. Dynamic, very fashionable design that attracts attention.


– Wheels: 125mm PU 80A

– Bearing: ABEC5

– Material: 100% aluminum

– Non-slip

– Display panel with graphics

– The dimensions of the platform: 40,0×9,8cm

– Max. steering height: 88cm

– Folded

– A different brake

– Soft handles

– Tapes for carrying

– Weight: 2.1 kg

– Max. user’s weight: 50kg

Brand: Spokey


Razor A3 Scooter Clear

razor scooter clear

  1. I wish I would have researched ahead of time originally because I probably never would have purchased the A1 and would have instead gone straight to the A3.
  2. The A1 if you are not familiar is what I would call the entry-level model from Razor.
  3. It is not a bad scooter, and may be fine for younger children to start with (under age 7).
  4. It is more compact and lighter in weight overall, which can help new riders get the hang of things, but the smaller dimensions and lighter weight come with disadvantages.
  5. The wheels are almost half the size as those on the A3 (see pictures) and this creates quite a problem if there is any kind of bump or crack in a sidewalk as the wheel is likely to get caught and can leave your child facedown on the pavement very quickly.
  6. Over time the handle bars became misaligned as well from repeated falls and drops onto the ground, and they got to the point where I could not keep the front wheel straight because of this.
  7. So I decided to get my daughter who is now approaching age 10 the Razor A3 scooter, and I am glad that I did.
  8. The scooter weighs a little bit more, and just feels stronger overall.
  9. The handlebars extend higher, which allows taller riders to use it with ease.
  10. The deck is wider and longer (see pictures) which creates a more stable platform to ride on.
  11. As I’ve stated the wheel size is significantly different, and the bigger wheels on the A3 allow for a MUCH smoother ride.
  12. It can take on bumps and cracks in the pavement or sidewalk without issues.
  13. It also allows the rider to go faster and farther without having to push as much.
  14. The kickbar over the back wheel is a nice added touch if your child is able to actually do “tricks”.
  15. My daughter is not able to do anything in terms of tricks, but has found that the kickbar is a great place to put her back/pushing foot when she is riding that also gives her easy access to the brake (which is the metal covering over the back wheel).
  16. I firmly believe that the A3 could be purchased for even younger children as the handlebar height is adjustable, and it would be easy to adjust to their height as they get older.
  17. I have attached pictures for comparison between the original A1 and the new A3 (A1 is pink, A3 is blue).
  18. I hope that my thoughts and pictures will help you when making a choice for your child.
  19. I have been using my scooter for a week now, to go to the grocery store, and to work.
  20. Likewise with getting to the grocery store, 20 mins to 10 mins, so it has reduced travel time by %50 when compared to walking.
  21. I am 5′ 6″, and I was concerned the scooter would be hard to control because of it’s light weight; I was also concerned it would irritate my shoulder because I presumed I would be hunched over, holding onto handle bars that where a few inches to short.
  22. On the contrary, this has not been an issue at all, and not only is it comfortable to use (when the terrain is right) but it is an incredible cardio work out!
  23. The handle bars reach the bend of my waist, long enough for me to stand with good posture, and still hold firmly to the handles.
  24. I know it might be strange seeing a Lady Librarian scoot through the city in office attire, but I’m saving on emissions, saving money on gas, saving time from walking, and getting a better work out than I had before.
  25. Unit paving is a pain, I have to pass over a couple of brick pavements, and it slows my roll a little bit.
  26. The shock doesn’t absorb a thing that I can tell, but I have nothing to compare it to except my car.
  27. After comparing scooter specs in March 2016 we settled for an A3.
  28. Its larger frame makes the A3, at 8 lbs, a bit heavier than the A or A2; this, however, does not change the maximum user weight limit, which remains at 143 lbs.
  29. A heavier user shall likely end up damaging the wheel bearings, if not the wheels themselves.)


  30. As noted in several reviews, the Razor’s release lever for the folding/ unfolding mechanism is not particularly user friendly.
  31. The way to unfold recommended in the owner’s manual (“Unfolding the Scooter for First Time Use”) is not easy for young children and for some adults, and it not always works consistently.
  32. Pressing the rear wheel on the ground after unlocking the lever may be necessary to start folding the scooter.
  33. Another peeve of some reviewers is being hit in the shin when carrying the folded scooter from one handle.
  34. This happens when the deck can pivot freely around the folded T-bar.
  35. The simplest solution I found is to turn the T-bar by 180 degrees before folding the A3: in this condition, the front wheel of the T-bar is trapped by the deck, and this stops deck pivoting.
  36. There is a POTENTIAL safety issue with the scooter when being folded IF the free fingers of the hand pushing the lever were placed over the black plastic covering the locking mechanism (Fig.
  37. This is because when the T-bar reaches its fully folded position (Fig 1B, blue line), its supporting brace could pinch one such finger against the lip of a decorative indentation of the black plastic (Fig.
  38. The pinch may be severe enough to damage skin; this is shown in Figs.
  39. A-C, using a suitable sized peanut instead of a finger.
  40. Children old (and strong) enough to fold/unfold the scooter on their own can be taught to avoid this or, even better, the indentation’s lip can be filed down (as I did), so the issue does not seem a critical one.
  41. It is very portable and easy to carry anywhere, however the brake is terrible which made me crash once going down a small hill.

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