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Spokey cap made of silicone with increased resistance to chlorine.

The surface of the cap is covered with babelkami.



Brand: Spokey


Cressi Fantasy Swim Cap

cressi fantasy swim cap

  1. Even when the filters are on to adult and men this came up.
  2. So when my 6 year old started to grow out of her toddler cap (from a different company) it was a no brainer for me to order another Cressi cap.
  3. I ordered the pink one with the crab and seahorse on it.
  4. I was surprised after I received it how small it is compared to the other caps!
  5. It won’t fit her head and it does not go over her ears.
  6. There is no mention of it being sized for only toddlers, which it seems should be the only age suitable .
  7. We have a Speedo silicone one for kids and its just too small for her now.
  8. My kids all have large heads apparently.) We prefer the silicone over the latex.
  9. While the lycra ones are great for kids, they don’t get my daughter used to the feeling of a competition cap on her head so we needed to use silicone for practice.
  10. A trick we have started doing is spraying her hair with a leave-in conditioner.
  11. It has improved her hair’s condition so much and it makes the cap go on even easier.
  12. You just need to rinse out her cap often to prevent buildup.
  13. The material is fantastic and the print is great for a little kid.
  14. It is a little to big for him but better big than small.
  15. I am very pleased with it & the price was right too!<

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