roller controlled Spokey focus
High technical parameters-82A wheelsperfectly absorbs vibrations even on an uneven ground, ABEC7 bearing guarantees a high precision, thanks to which they are permanently and the wheels are faster.

The use of aluminum filler makes Focus rollers lighter, very stable and fast. Quality-rollers were made with care for every detail.

Extremely accurate stitching and very good materials give a great sense of comfort. Design-abstract, contrasting pattern attracts the look. Destiny-recreational and fitness ride (ideal for shaping thigh and butt muscles)




Bearing-ABEC7 Carbon

Wheels –
– 82A PU

– 72 mm

Zapiecie –
– double-section buckle with protection
– velcro

– laces

Max. user’s weight-100 kg

Brand: Spokey


Rollerblade Boys Spitfire JR XTB Kids Skate

rollerblade boys spitfire xtb kids skate

  1. The best is what you get when you get him the Rollerblade Spitfire XT inline skates.
  2. The Spitfire XT is lightweight and will expand up to four sizes so that your child will get multiple years of use out of these skates.
  3. Your child will get comfort and security with the Junior Fit liner along with a cuff buckle, 45 degree strap and laces that even your kids can use.
  4. The best way to explain is that the fit of description is more for a 5-8 year old kid and not a size 5-8 shoe.
  5. These were snug on the last setting 8 for 9 year old son who wears a size 6 shoe.
  6. Instantly improved his skill compared to the cheap horrible ones he had before.
  7. The wheels roll smoothly and allows him to have better balance.
  8. My grandson wears a size 6 1/2 shoe; we placed the skate at the highest level, size 8, but they were still too small.
  9. The smallest (11J to 1) model has only 3 wheels on each side.
  10. Understandable, but I wish I knew that before I ordered.
  11. The boot is well made, but the inner sole is not detachable and in the smallest size.
  12. So, if you extend the frame, the toe part doesn’t have any insole.
  13. They should have provide 4 pairs of detachable insoles, one for each size the adjustable frame covers.
  14. These are minor issues, but I didn’t expect to see such a lack of consideration in a Rollerblade.
  15. I especially like in that they are adjustable and have already grown with my son.
  16. We mainly use these indoors at the skating rink, but they have also held up well on a couple of laps around the neighborhood.
  17. Some shoes hurt his feet and make him limp, but he says these are very comfortable and supportive.

Buy Rollerblade Boys Spitfire JR XTB Kids Skate here $69.99 – $109.99

Rollerblade Girls Spitfire JR XTG Kids Skate

rollerblade girls spitfire xtg kids skate

  1. I had purchased a different pair for my son quite a while back.
  2. I love the fact that the wheels are rubber, not plastic, to give a nice smooth and quiet ride.
  3. Definitely would recommend these, seem to be of very good quality!!!!<
  4. They are very smooth, glide easily, comfortable and very well made.
  5. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a good pair of skates for kids.
  6. They roll nicely and the size adjustment is a great feature.
  7. We had one wheel bearing start to seize up but we loosened the screw and it’s ok for now, but will need a new bearing.
  8. There is no comparison to the rental skates in our area that have 3 clips.
  9. Nicer than the cheap ones sold at local big box retailers.
  10. This one has a metal mechanism with springs for adjusting the size versus the plastic mechanism on cheaper skates.
  11. I captured the wide smile when she opened these for her birthday.
  12. It didn’t take her long and she was rolling very well down our 1/2 mile driveway happy as a Lark.
  13. She is really enjoying them and has had no problem, just a lot of fun.
  14. My daughter is 9 drives me crazy always wanting to skate she skate around through the breakfast kitchen dining living rooms and entry way.
  15. We can’t hear the clacking if the skates on the floor like her old quad skates.

Buy Rollerblade Girls Spitfire JR XTG Kids Skate here $74.62 – $139.99

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