pack Spokey spring blue

pack Spokey spring blue 1
Backpack with a capacity of 20 liters, optimal for school, work. Pockets-one front zippered, pocket with organizer, two side mesh pockets Comfort and proper ventilation-the use of the COMFORT BACK nose pad system guarantees optimal wearing comfort during everyday use.

The central ventilation duct corresponds to the air exchange. PURPOSE Backpack for everyday use, urban.

– material: waterproof polyester 600D

– capacity: 20 l

– weight: 0.7 kg

– dimensions: 28 x 21 x 41 cm

– Nose system: COMFORT BACK

– reflective elements

Brand: Spokey


Retrospec Bicycles Spokey Lights

retrospec bicycles spokey lights

  1. Retrospect Bicycles brings you the ultimate eye catcher: Spokey Lights.
  2. As it’s name suggests, this bike light hooks directly onto the spokes of your bicycle wheel.
  3. As you move, they move, illuminating the night with a diaphanous incandescence.
  4. If you ride fast enough, these little Lights create a solid circle.

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ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus 20 SP Running Shoe

asics men gel nimbus running shoe

  1. Packed with our revolutionary lightweight flytefoam® cushioning and other advanced technology from the ASICS® institute of sports science, the Nimbus caters to neutral runners of all levels.
  2. Its gradient jacquard-mesh fluid fit® upper strategically adapts to your foot’s natural motion while 3-d printed overlays offer extra support to give you a customized fit that keeps you going mile after mile.
  3. I needed to replace my Nimbus 18’s, so I intentionally skipped the 19’s due to the negative reviews and went for the 20’s.
  4. From what I could tell, the 20’s were said to have corrected the cramped toe box issues described on the 19’s, but the 20’s I received did not fit properly.
  5. The left shoe tongue was too short compared to the right shoe, causing the shoe to pinch/press on my ankle when flexing and the insole just never “felt right” (there was an odd lump under the forefoot).
  6. My observations were confirmed when I went for a quick 3 mile run and, upon completion, my left foot and left hip were sore.
  7. I’ll post a review for the new shoes, once they arrive.
  8. I’m thinking about returning this and looking for a 2E option.
  9. For reasons which I and a lot of other Asics fans can’t seem to understand, the Nimbus line has become narrower and narrower in recent years.
  10. May be the product manager responsible for this line at Asics has extremely narrow feet and thinks the entire world would appreciate the same?
  11. These are tighter than competing shoes made by Adidas, Nike, NB, etc.
  12. You’re losing your fan base and people who have been wearing Nimbuses for years to run.
  13. My big toe is close to touching the front of shoe but isn’t.
  14. I will order a half size larger next time cause I like a little more wiggle room for my big toe.
  15. Feel,is like walking on jelly fish,nice n squishy with enough bounce return?
  16. This new jacquard mesh material up front feels more durable.
  17. Material around ankle opening and tongue is new,feels more durable.
  18. Usually the previous material they used in the surounding ankle area would fall apart after removing,putting on shoe after a month.
  19. New shoe laces are alittle springy,have a little stretch.
  20. Will be using these for walking at work delivering Fedex Express packages.
  21. Less ankle support than kayano, I think, but damn comfy n squishy/springy.
  22. I used to wear the Gel Nimbus line a few years ago, and stopped buying them due to a rather serious design flaw: the eyelets for the laces were not reinforced, and a good, hard tug on the laces when tying would tear them right through the shoe!
  23. Ths happened several times, and Asics offered to replace them, but that obviously didn’t prevent it from just happening again and again.
  24. Fortunately, Asics has recently corrected this, and the eyelets are now all reinforced with metal, so, it is with great pleasure I placed my first order for Asics Gel Nimbus in years–they are the very best shoes I have ever worn.
  25. So, I just received my first pair of new Gel Nimbus shoes in about 5 years.
  26. The 20s feel slightly less soft/springy than previous generations, but still very comfortable.
  27. I have a big foot, and the 14D fits me perfectly (in a Nike, I need an 14EE).
  28. I like the new all-mesh body, which breathes extremely well.
  29. I’ll update this once I have had a chance to break them in.
  30. I’m over 40 and they are the most comfortable running shoe I have ever owned.
  31. Asics told me to get a half size up, but the price was much higher for the next size so I went with a different shoe.
  32. I was really sad when I realized the tread was wearing off.
  33. These nimbus use to be like walking on amazing gel comport all day but now there trash.
  34. So when I found the Gel-Nimbus many years ago, I stuck to them.

Buy ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus 20 SP Running Shoe here $135.00 – $187.00

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