sleeping bag rockland blue fang lock left

sleeping bag rockland blue fang lock left 1
Maintaining body heat is a key element of a good sleep at night or in the bottom.

The products from our offer provide you with the best protection against cold in all conditions.

Spiwor Blue Fang 15 is a mummy shaped sleeping bag, designed for tourism. Due to its thermal properties, the sleeping bag is intended for indoor use, e.g. shelter or outdoors in the spring and summer season. It also works perfectly in the campground, ensuring a comfortable sleep for the user in the temperature range from 15 to 20 ° C. The great advantage of the sleeping bag is its careful workmanship and high quality.

The spivor of the vase is not much, and after packing it does not take up much space.

The construction of the bag-stitching-ensures an even distribution of the insulating layer, which eliminates the so-called cold places.

The bag keeps the temperature perfectly throughout its entire length.

This model was created especially for very tall users-the length of the sleeping bag is up to 200 cm-who likes to have more space and freedom of movement during sleep. Made of a soft and light synthetic fabric. An additional advantage is the use of a synthetic fill, resistant to moisture, which is one of the main reasons for the loss of thermal properties of the sleeping bag.

This model is equipped with a thermal collar and a pull-out hood.

– Provides thermal comfort at a temperature in the range of 15-20 ° C.
– Dimensions: 200×70 cm
– Weight: 0.7 kg.
– Outer shell: waterproof Polyester reinforced Ripstop technique
– Construction: single-layer
– Filling: fiber Hollow Fiber
– Castle: on the right side



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