sports strap on the phone active

sports strap on the phone active 1
Sporty belt for wearing on the hips with an adjustable strap.

Has two pockets and protection for the smartphone screen, it is waterproof.


– Comfortable belt for phone, paks. Phone diagonal: 5.5″

– Blue color," fast "scratch-resistant

– Material made TPU-Lycra

– Rainproof

– 2 big pockets

– Hole for headphone cable

– Reflective strap

Brand: rebeltec

SPIbelt Kids Belt: No-Bounce Belt with Hole for Insulin Pump, Medical Devices or Headphones for Active Kids!

spibelt kids belt bounce belt with hole for insulin pump medical devices headpho

  1. Perfect for children who need medical supplies such as inhalers or epipens.
  2. Sturdy buckle and construction for even the most active user.
  3. No Bounce, Waterproof, Dual Pocket, Fitness & Travel Belt!
  4. He loves wearing it and I enjoy having the piece of mind that he won’t get to far away from his dexcom.
  5. It fits my 2 year old 35lb son perfectly with plenty of room to grow.
  6. Very sturdy well made materials and doesn’t interfere with any of his daily rough and tumble activities.
  7. Diabetes sucks but this product definitely makes it a little easier.
  8. Our daughter was diagnosed at just 18 months old with T1D, and I had been ordering “pump packs” that were hand sewn and secured around the waste with velcro.
  9. They did the trick but would wear and became quite pricey and I would purchase 4 at a time.
  10. It houses the animas pump nicely and the fit is perfect for our now 5 year old.
  11. I can tell already that this product will last much longer and not wear out so quickly.
  12. My son keeps this with two epipens in it, in his front pack of his backpack with a zipper pull identifying that compartment.
  13. He can’t fit two in his little pocket, and at school he has the backpack and the nurse and coach have one too.
  14. This quickly snaps around his waist if he finds that he has left his normal one at home.
  15. My four year old son used this for the first time on a trip to Disney and Universal recently.
  16. It was our first time trying out self carrying and he didn’t complain at all about wearing it.
  17. The buckle is small, which is biggest problem I saw with some of the cheaper options – a huge buckle.
  18. My son(1 years old) was able to run around with this on his back and didn’t even notice it was there.
  19. We stuck his Dexcom receiver for his G5 Diabetes transmitter in this pouch.
  20. It is really hard to shove two pens and Benadryl packets in it.
  21. This gives her the freedom to enjoy the outdoors without me hovering holding a bag with what she needs.
  22. She can continue Girl Scout activities, outdoor youth group things, and regain some of her independence.
  23. I eventually want to get a water proof pouch but that will come later.
  24. After about 10 months, it rubbed a large hole where his insulin pump sits.
  25. The belt stretched out after about 6 months so it doesn’t fit tight anymore.
  26. It also makes it to where the zipper faces his body, not outward like it’s supposed to so it makes it a pain to get to his pump.
  27. My son does love wearing it though and has never complained that it’s uncomfortable, even while sleeping.
  28. It makes it easy to keep track of his Dexcom and keeps it from falling to ground out of a pocket!<
  29. We had tried a few others and my daughter loves this one.
  30. It did not stand up to the rigours of daily use and ripped within the school year.

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Augusta Sportswear Elastic Baseball Belt, One Size

augusta sportswear elastic baseball belt one size

  1. The Boys’ elastic Baseball belt features nickel-finished hardware, a width of 1 1/2 inches, and matching color embossed vinyl tabs with an adjustability slider.
  2. The heavy duty belt with elastic webbing hits for the cycle of durability, comfort, fashion and reliability.
  3. Match it with your team’s Unis, and go yard with style and Grace.
  4. My son has a few of different colors depending on what color his team t-shirt is for the season and he likes them a lot.

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