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The 3-post step is a perfect device for people who care about their appearance and condition.

Exercises on the steppe improves your figure, strengthens your leg muscles and buttocks.

Step can be used both for home training and during rehabilitation.

Thanks to the modular construction, you can set 3 levels of height.

Steppe is made of durable material, so it can be used for many years. From the bottom the step has rubber pads increasing its stability and safety.


Non-slip rubber pads-from the bottom of the step




Heights –
– I 10cm

– II 15cm

– III 20cm

Maximum load-110kg


Brand: F-Hawk

f hawk

Upper Bounce Trampoline Ladder 3 Steps

upper bounce trampoline ladder steps

  1. It has a wider rim/ledge than round ones and is a bit higher.
  2. The girls are happy to have the FLAT ladder rungs versus the round poles since they are on the ladder in their bare feet.
  3. I feel much better knowing that they aren’t trying to climb up on a wobbly stool or chair!
  4. We have the 15 foot square Bounce Pro Trampoline sold at the “warehouse” store version at a major retailer (not sure I am allowed to put the name of another retail but it is a big blue box store).
  5. I was worried nothing would fit it since it wasn’t manufacturer specific.
  6. Definitely a better option than waiting 6 months for the Skywalker one and certainly cheaper.
  7. My only gripe is the smooth finish runs all through the steps and the sides which can cause slippage with kids and socks.
  8. My daughter slipped once but they have learned to be a little more careful climbing it now.
  9. I may go back and add grip tape to the rungs to help it.
  10. Another thing is I think I should have gotten the shorter one since the steps lean inward a bit due to the ladder being too long but that is my fault and it’s not too much of a big deal.
  11. The only reason I wouldn’t give it 5 stars is that the rubber covers on the part that attaches to the trampoline are not fixed in place and slide off very easily.
  12. You have to keep an eye out for them and keep putting them on.
  13. Other than that it’s a great product – very sturdy, wide and great for my preschool kids to climb onto.
  14. I also really love that the rails are larger than I expected which makes it great for little ones.
  15. The price is great and very reasonable, especially compared to others out there.
  16. I love the 3 steps since I have very little ones getting on.
  17. I found this ladder for a similar price and cancelled the other order.
  18. The ladder is adequate for the price, but the hooks to attach it to the trampoline bend easily – maybe too easily.
  19. My grandson moved the ladder so that the hooks were leaning against the trampoline instead of hooking onto it and they bent closed.
  20. I was able to open them with my bare hands and reattach them to the trampoline.
  21. We were using an old above ground pool ladder which disintegrated in the Florida sun, and this ladder should last much longer – I hope.
  22. Only problem I have with this is that the black caps keep falling off.
  23. Our son appreciates having it rather than climbing up on other steps.

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Trampoline Pro Wide 2-Step & 3-Step Safety-Latch No Slip Trampoline Ladder | Jump Slider | Rock Wall Climber | by

trampoline pro wide step amp step safety latch slip trampoline ladder jump slide

  1. Trampoline Ladder, 43” Inches, Accommodates More Sizes of Trampolines – 2 …
  2. Our trampoline ladders are designed for summers full of fun, excitement, and adventure.
  3. Your children will feel confident while they are preparing to touch the sky while building great memories in your own backyard.
  4. It is great for my 2 year old to get in and out of the trampoline.
  5. We have a Skywalker 15′ square trampoline and it fits perfect.
  6. I wanted to trash it but my grand daughter wanted me to make it for her so I did.
  7. It’s very wobbly, which really sucks because my kids are young (a 3 year old and a 19 month old).
  8. It’s definitely safer than the logs we were using before though.
  9. My biggest annoyance with it is the fact that it folds in half, every time someone pulls on it at all, the thing comes apart and I have to shove all the bungee cord back into the pipes.
  10. I love how I don’t need or my.older kids need to help my 3 year old up and down the trampoline!
  11. We purchased this for our Skywalker 15 ft rectangle trampoline and it works great!
  12. It comes with the allen wrench, screws and bolts, so you dont even have to dig through your tool box looking for tools to assemble it.
  13. This ladder is not a cheap, flimsy ladder that’s going to break easily.
  14. It is heavy duty and I’m confident it will hold up well over time.
  15. It holds up to 200 pounds so my husband and I can use it as well.
  16. I bought the one with the rock wall handles and it has been a big hit.
  17. One thing I will mention is that my butt is too wide to slide down without getting caught by the rock wall handles.
  18. My littles slide right through though and I know it was really designed for them.
  19. The first trampoline ladder I bought was less expensive, and although it was fine for what it was, I hadn’t considered that the rungs on it were just rounded bars, and little kid feet could easily slip off.
  20. So I got this one with wider flat steps, and I’ve felt much more comfortable with the safety of the toddlers & kids who climb it.
  21. I also like that it’s easy to take off and toss inside the trampoline (or wherever you want to put it away) when I don’t want the kids to be able to climb it.
  22. It sits on a slight diagonal, meaning that it’s easier to climb than a straight up and down ladder.
  23. My daughters are just turning 2 and 4 and they both use this ladder with ease.
  24. It has taken my 2 year old a little practice to gain confidence coming down from the ladder, but she’s getting better with practice!
  25. I have had a couple of neighbors ask where I got it because they want one for their trampolines.
  26. Wanted to have a slide in the yard this is a good alternative to another piece of equipment taking up space in the yard.
  27. Most of all it was definitely necessary and made it easier for kids to get on and off the trampoline.
  28. Replaced a super dangerous skinny rung ladder that kids or adults couldn’t stand climbing.
  29. I just don’t want to take the time to ship it back to them.

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