stepper oblique links HMS

stepper oblique links HMS 1
Very solid stepper, on which thanks to regular exercises you can get shapely, slim and strong buttocks.

The advantage of the instrument is the ability to adjust the resistance, and so the level of difficulty. Wide non-slip steps provide comfortable exercise. Regular stepper training will accelerate the burning of fatty tissue on the thighs, hips and waist.

Training on the stepper strengthens the muscles of the lacerations of the hip, thighs (main four-headed and double-headed), muscles of the lower leg, buttocks and muscles of the abdomen.

Exercises on the stepper are recommended to women and men of all ages.┬áIt’s an effective and fast burning of calories while strengthening the muscles and work on improving the condition.

Stepper, in particular the stepper, is a perfect device, which in addition to strengthening the muscles of the legs and buttocks, affects the flexibility of the hips and waist.


computer functions:

– time,

– countdown,

– number of returns per minute,

– number of calories burned

scan function-cyclic display of subsequent parameters

resistance adjustment-yes

hydraulic cylinders-two

maximum equipment load-100 kg

dimensions-40,5 / 39 / 20 cm (length / width / height)

weight-7 kg

purpose-exercise of leg muscles and legs


Brand: HMS


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