stiga Stress Table tennis master pieces white
High-quality balls designed for beginner players.

Set of 6 table tennis balls.



Packed-6 pieces

Size-40 mm

Brand: Stiga


STIGA 1-Star Table Tennis Balls (38 Pack)

stiga star table tennis balls pack 1

  1. We bought these balls as an upgrade from the box that we’d bought from Walmart.
  2. These in fact were superior to what we started with, but they do lose their grippines after a 6-8 games yet their bounce is quite constant.
  3. These are perfect for a backyard ping pong table, but could be annoying to use for a pro (due to weight differences).
  4. The color is good if you have an outdoor table as it shows up in variable light conditions quite well.
  5. Also very good for beer pong, which we play arguably more than table tennis.
  6. I like Stiga’s 3 star balls better for serious play but for family play, these do great and a bit cheaper for those occasional, whoops, I just stepped on your ball, events.

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