bag punching strength chain reinforced
Bag made of vinyl fabric (PLAWIL)

with increased strength parameters.


Size-160×45 cm.

Brand: Shin-Do

shin do

NAJA EXTREME New Extreme Naja New Extreme Punching Bag, Black/Red, Large

naja extreme new extreme naja new extreme punching bag black red large

  1. The equipment offers more impact and requires accurate hits.
  2. Manufactured with high quality synthetic leather and long lasting durability.

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TETON Sports Mountain Ultra Tent; Backpacking Tent with Footprint, Rainfly, and Free Storage Bags Included

teton sports mountain ultra tent backpacking tent with footprint rainfly and fre

  1. Clip-on rainfly for privacy and weather protection has pass-through ventilation technology that also clears away condensation.
  2. Rainfly vestibule keeps water off sleeping area at entry.
  3. Tents have extra-high seam sealed bathtub floor, only one shock cord bungee pole, and reinforced, heat taped seams and anchor points.
  4. The clip-on rainfly for privacy and weather protection also has pass-through ventilation technology.
  5. Ultra light, well-built, and water resistant, these tents have a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  6. Our limited lifetime warranty covers products against defects in materials or workmanship.
  7. This warranty is cheerfully extended to the original owner only and excludes normal wear and tear (e.g., zippers that wear out after extended use) or misuse.
  8. If, after inspection, a product is determined by us to be defective in workmanship or materials, we will repair or replace it at our option, at no cost to you (the original owner).
  9. For international warranty claims (outside the United States), shipping and duty fees are the responsibility of the consumer.
  10. For international warranty claims (outside the United States), shipping and duty fees are the responsibility of the consumer.
  11. This tent was very spacious, it was like a castle for me, which was really nice for a big trip like this.
  12. The first time I set the tent up, I think it took me 15 – 20 minutes, but, every night after that I was set up in less that 5 minutes, taking down the tent, is just as easy as setting up ~ 5 minutes tops!!!<
  13. All 6 states had winds at night around 20-30 mph, this tent held up perfectly (as recommended, guide out the tent for added stability in windy conditions), temps ranged from 24 degrees – 45 degrees with snow on my last night.
  14. I highly recommend getting this tent for local camping and/or travel camping, due to the 5 pound weight, ease of set-up/take down, definitely a perfect for airplane travel.
  15. Only recommendation I have is to get longer stakes, if you plan on camping in windy conditions or on a beach otherwise the stakes work just fine.
  16. The shelters were full and we all used our tents and all of my colleagues commented on mine.
  17. Easy setup, easy access, low weight and price make this tent the one to buy.
  18. The rain fly allows for room for your pack to be right at the main access and protected from the environment.
  19. It was unusually cold during our hike and the tent protection and insulation from the temps.
  20. The design allows you to sit up inside and is roomy enough to change clothes, etc.
  21. Little did I know mother nature was brewing up something special for me.
  22. Not even an hour after I set it up in my backyard a thunder storm decided to roll thru to really give my new tent a test!<
  23. Not a single drop of rain was in the tent after the storm was over.
  24. I think the process of me getting in the tent made a bigger mess than anything.
  25. Temperature got down into the low 50 Degree Fahrenheit range and I couldn’t have been more comfy.
  26. I think the only mistake someone could make with this tent is not having the dome tied down and tightened enough.
  27. Just set it up in the yard to evaluate ease of installation.
  28. It went together pretty quickly, following instructions on the first go round.
  29. This tent comes with a footprint, which is terrific and value-added.
  30. The instructions indicate to stake them together; however, I found too much slack in the tent, if staked with the footprint.
  31. Each entrance has a vestibule big enough for boots and a bag (backpack or duffle).
  32. Added bonus is gear attic inside; however, room for improvement would be in having a grommet in the middle of the fabric, so that the hook in the ceiling could be used at the same time.
  33. All in all, not a complaint – more like design improvement for the future for TETON!<
  34. If you are looking for value with quality construction.
  35. Forecast calls for rain tonight, so next test will be waterproof challenge.
  36. With so much mesh paneling, there is no problem with condensation or humidity build up.
  37. But that said this is not the warmest of tents in cold weather.
  38. Bring a suitably rated sleeping bag to keep you warm on cold nights.
  39. The large mesh paneling does make the tent of this design susceptible to find dust being blown into the tent.
  40. Make sure you have the rainfly as pegged as close to the ground as possible to avoid dust.
  41. A 3 men tent is just enough space for 2 people and their gear.
  42. Took it to big bend and backpacked the south rim trail with it during a two night stay on the trail.
  43. I wanted this 4-man tent primarily for the head room, as I get older I want things more comfortable and a double stacked air mattress is the way to go.
  44. My two man Eureka has been great and held up very well, but you simply cannot fit that size air mattress in it.
  45. This tent has pretty much everything my Eureka has for half the price, and double the space.
  46. The only thing I wish it did have, is buckles on the ground cover that attach to the rainfly.
  47. It has buckles on the tent, however the gound cover tends to come loose.
  48. The mesh is tougher like some plastic, while the mesh is tighter and doesnt catch on things as much.
  49. It’s a little heavy and big for backpacking, but still doable.
  50. Sets up in about a minute (not counting hammering in stakes).

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