bag style masculine on frame black black lining

bag style masculine on frame black black lining 1
The Brodrene Core is defined in the materials of the highest quality and unique textures.

The unique combination of natural leather and material makes the bag extremely elegant and modern.

The Brodrene ML15 thanks to its rich interior will accommodate all the most necessary personal items.

The size of the bag has been adapted for a 15-inch laptop, so you can always take it with you. Protective foam will protect your equipment in every situation.

The stylish front pocket will be great as a clipboard for personal documents, wallet or smartphone. Brodrene bags are available in several color options both from the outside and inside. Model ML15 is 2 colors black or navy blue combined with a dark blue natural skin. You can choose what will look like your bag. Product index ML15B

Material Natural leather / cordura

Color Black

Dimensions 39 x 29 x 9 cm

Warranty 24 months

Brand: Brodrene

Suncloud Polarized Port O Call Sunglasses

suncloud polarized port call sunglasses

    Buy Suncloud Polarized Port O Call Sunglasses here $28.84 – $49.99

    BLUPOND Sports Sunglasses for Men/Women – Anti Fog Polarized Shooting Safety Glasses for Ultimate Eye Protection

    blupond sports sunglasses for men women anti fog polarized shooting safety glass

    1. Specifically designed to cut and diffuse harmful light, for a more vivid outdoor experience.
    2. Enhance your field & range vision with the most advanced Light-Neutralizing technology.
    3. Guard your eyes from harsh environmental elements, glares, bright headlights and the sun’s harmful rays with our 100% UV400 Titans.
    4. Rest assured with the incredibly durable, metal frame construction of your new Titan’s.
    5. The optimal form factor for maximum comfort and wearability, the Titan’s were designed to be worn hours on end, effortlessly and with ease.
    6. Weighing in at just 26 grams, you’ll never want to take these babies off!
    7. Sleek and stylish, to be worn on or off the field, our timeless, classic Italian design exudes ingenuity and innovation.
    8. A fashion statement fit for both men and women, no matter the occasion.
    9. In addition to your new TITAN by BLUPOND, you will receive a Complementary Accessory Set, complete with our EVA protective sports case, Screwdriver for minor adjustments, Sunglasses pouch, Microfiber cleaning cloth, Glasses clip for convenient car storage, and Gift box.
    10. The total package to keep you active and ready anywhere you go.
    11. All the items provided are high quality including the visor-clip and glasses case (though the ‘gift-box’ is merely a light cardboard box).
    12. The clip holds the glasses by a comfortably not-too-tight spring, so I am not concerned that the glasses will be marred or the frames bent, and I’ve used this clip instead of other clips that I have bought and then not used because either the frames or lenses would mar.
    13. I have not removed the mini-screwdriver from it’s plastic packing yet but it seems like a decent quality.
    14. The cases is solid enough to not be crushed (and crush the glasses inside) in normal use but I haven’t used it yet, I leave the glasses in the clip when not in use.
    15. The glasses themselves, the frames and nose-clip have a solid feel and sit comfortably.
    16. They DO reduce the glare of oncoming headlights as well as in the mirrors, and increase contrast in the shadows so that there is more detail.
    17. These Bluponds are substantially better at reducing my eye-strain for long highway drives.
    18. I cannot believe how sharp and clear the lenses make everything look.
    19. The flexible frames fit just about any face size snugly, but they are very lightweight and you hardly notice that you are wearing them.
    20. All the little extras that come with the glasses are icing on the cake.
    21. Negatives: the nose piece reflects in the lens and is annoying.
    22. BIG NEGATIVE – product description says that these are polarized and they are not.
    23. First clue was that I could clearly see all the car LED displays which are usually blocked by polarized lenses.
    24. The worst driving conditions are rainy days when it is fairly bright, but too dark for normal sunglasses.
    25. You can get significant glare from the wet roads and from cars.
    26. Biggest reason I bought these was to wear for fishing in low light conditions, but wanted the polarization.
    27. I was recently at a nice trout stream, mid day but very overcast – perfect for what I wanted these for.
    28. With my regular sun glasses, while everything was dark, I could clearly see the creek bed through a couple feet of water.
    29. I’ll still keep for longer night drives and for yard work on darker days, but consider the “polarized” description to be very misleading.
    30. However, in bright light the nose piece reflects onto the lens.
    31. I had to take a black marker and paint it black to reduce the glare from the nose piece.
    32. Blupond may want to think about redesigning the nose piece so it’s not made of reflective metal.
    33. I bought it nonetheless and tried it out recently while night-driving.
    34. It’s hard to know what exactly has the effect but I found my eyes were much less tired
      than usual after the trip.
    35. I wear contacts and can get shimmers from headlights and streetlights.
    36. Then I would get a confirmation email supposedly explaining how to claim the gift.
    37. I’ve visited their website and registered twice over the past two weeks with absolutely no response.
    38. Why bother adding the card to the package and then not follow through?
    39. But what annoys me even more is the lame design of the nose pads!
    40. They are metal frames with a black rubber insert for comfort.
    41. Unfortunately, these rubber pads are smaller than the metal frames, so there is a halo effect, or a metallic ring around each pad.
    42. This visible ring reflects off the inside of the lenses and obscures what would otherwise be a clear view.
    43. Seems to me for what looks like a high quality product, it falls way short of the mark.
    44. UPDATE: after filing my original review, the mfg reached out to me promptly to address my concerns, and very satisfactorily.
    45. As I said these glasses are of high quality materials and construction.
    46. Get these for night driving they are well made and they look great.
    47. They stay in place, block the sun, and do as they say they do.

    Buy BLUPOND Sports Sunglasses for Men/Women – Anti Fog Polarized Shooting Safety Glasses for Ultimate Eye Protection here

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