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The Swissbags Ocean 65cm suitcase will make the time of each trip and packing your belongings easier. It has vivid colors and a modern look, thanks to which we feel confident and comfortable with it. It has a rigid and comfortable housing in which we will manage to put a lot of clothing, documents, electronic equipment and other things. In addition, we will secure it with a special TSA encryption lock. If necessary, we have the possibility to expand the suitcase volume to 80 liters. In this way, it is the best suitcase proposal, which is ideal for a 2-week or longer holiday and business trip. Its transport is much simpler thanks to adjustable handle as well as mounted 4 multidirectional earrings.

However, 2 handles allow you to move the suitcase freely, if necessary.

The Swissbags Ocean suitcase 65 cm still has the appropriate interior, in which it will be easy to organize.

This is due to the unique mesh chamber, special lock compartment, several pockets and crossed and elastic straps.

So all our clothes will be securely put in our suitcase all the time.


What’s in it:

– 2 internal chambers

– zip

– 4 durable and rotating wheels

– 2 elastic straps

– inner lining

– extensible suitcase

– label holder

– TSA combination lock


– Size: 65x45x25 cm

– Weight: 3.5 kg

– Capacity: 68 liters or 80 liters

– Color: Black

– Warranty: 2 years

Brand: SwissBags

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