case swissbags passenger cm black

case swissbags passenger cm black 1


The Swissbags Passenger 65 cm suitcase is the surety that we have chosen comfort, safety and organization.

The lightness of the case, retractable and ergonomic handle and 4 silent pins contribute to the comfort.

This allows us to carry the suitcase on any flat surface without any difficulties.

Safety is achieved thanks to the stiffness of the suitcase, which is 100% made of polypropylene. In addition, there are special security features in the TSA combination lock, which are the best protection for our valuable clothes and other things. In contrast, the organization and the order are guaranteed by modern chambers with adjustable holding frames and pockets. We will manage to fit all our travel baggage, including electronic equipment such as: telephone, camera, tablet and laptop.

So you see that the suitcase Swissbags Passenger 65 cm will never let you down.

Technologies used: TSA Interlocks-protect the contents of luggage, which will never be damaged during inspection at the airport or while using other means of transport.

Unbreakable Shell-securing the suitcase against damage, breakage, crushing, through the use of high quality polypropylene.

Hinomoto wheels-rotate 360 ​​degrees and thus allow us to maneuver the suitcase. What it has:

– strong and durable case

– TSA closing

– removable telescopic strap

– fastening belts

– compartment for laptop, tablet and iPad

– high quality 4 wheels360 degrees of mobility

– pull-out handle with button

– pockets for underwear and other items. Parameters: Size: 65x46x27 cm (M)

Weight: 4.2 kg

Capacity: 67 Liter

Material: 100% Polypropylene, lining Polyester

Color: Black, Lime, Purple

Warranty: 2 years Dimensions :: 65x46x27 cm

Brand: SwissBags

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