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Arctica glasses are designed for people who enjoy active rest and sport.

They are characterized by a fashionable, adapted pattern, functionality and safety for the eyes.

Frame: gr90amid TR90.
Lenses: polycarbonate with polarizing filter, dimmed in the S-120 and S-120A.
Rubber inserts in the caps.

Skeleton category and transmittance:
cat.3-intense sunlight-8% -18%

Brand: Arctica


Suncloud Voucher Polarized Sunglasses

suncloud voucher polarized sunglasses

  1. Eight base lens curvature provides added protection from annoying side glare and environmental elements such as wind, dust, and particulate matter.
  2. Grilamid TR-90 nylon frames create a quality fit, flexibility, and lasting durability in all environmental conditions.
  3. I routinely drop, misplace, throw, soak and otherwise find creative ways to test the durability of sunglasses.
  4. The lenses on my pair have yet to be scratched despite falling off my head, being soaked in sandy sea water and falling two stories while leaning off a balcony.
  5. My only complaint is the polarized lenses definitely have a bit of “twinge” (sorry, best way I can describe it) that my Ray-Ban glasses do not have.
  6. And you may need to place these things a bit higher over the ear to keep the nose piece from flopping around.
  7. Worth every penny, and pretty much performs just like glasses costing 3 or 4 times as much.
  8. I used to purchase cheap polarized fishing glasses from Walmart but I would break them about every 6 months to a year and they were not all that stylish.
  9. Sunclouds seem to be the happy medium, stylish, quality optics and durable without breaking the bank.
  10. This particular pair is a stylish design, I have a big head being 6’5″ 250lbs and they are not too small but I also would not say they would be comfortable if my head was any larger.
  11. Optics are great though I think I have decided I really like their brown lenses, they seem to really pop.
  12. Haven’t had them long enough to comment on the durability aspect but they seem legit.
  13. Best part: wore them on a run this morning, sunscreen all over my face and very sweaty.
  14. They stayed locked to my face like magic but also didn’t make uncomfortable pressure points.
  15. Now, it is important to note that beyond basic good design principles, the degree to which that will be true for anyone else is 100% dependent on that purchaser’s facial structure.
  16. Having been plagued my whole life by poor fit in the sunglasses game, I actually measured the distance between the places on my temples where the shades will rest, and carefully looked at the measurements of countless pairs to find ones that were polarized, UV blocking, had good coverage, and measured out the way I suspected they had to in order to fit.
  17. I like the understated aesthetic, presumably you do too or you wouldn’t even be reading this hehe.
  18. Part of the savings come from the fact that it shipped in a nice burgundy-colored microfiber bag and that’s all the extras you get!
  19. I had an old ESS eyewear hard case for it but I strongly suggest investing in something similar if you aren’t so lucky.
  20. I am not in any way affiliated with them) has a nice guide on sizing/fitting/selecting shades if you need help, google is also your friend.
  21. Also I was unable to verify that this brand is owned by Smith Optics like that other reviewer said, but they sure are a great value!<
  22. I’ll buy a second pair for backup if I can find a coupon or something.
  23. Also, the warranty is no BS, my wife had a pair for a long time the lens poped out replace without questions, just pick a new style that’s it cause they stopped making hers .
  24. If these go in a year or two big deal., your getting high quality for for a little over gas station cheapies.
  25. After about 3 weeks the lenses got spots on them so I returned them and ordered a replacement pair.
  26. I assumed it was an isolated issue with the first ones.
  27. Now I have the new pair,second try and I have had them for about 6 weeks and they got spots.
  28. Now I can’t return them and they are useless since the spots are in my line of site.
  29. I take extremely good care of my sunglasses and probably have 6 pairs some ray bans and other expensive glasses that I’ve had for years.
  30. So in conclusion don’t buy these look great but the lenses are defective and having 2 that had the same exact problem makes it a problem.
  31. These worked well and I have found the Suncloud line is a good choice if you want glasses with a smaller and more secure fit.
  32. Clarity of the lenses is much better than I am used to with other sunglasses I have owned.
  33. I just wish that the company would supply detailed, easily accessible information on measurements for all their products.
  34. It would make changing styles within their brand a lot easier.
  35. I originally bought a different style that fit well but the lenses top to bottom were too narrow.
  36. I wanted to buy another pair that were wider top to bottom but no specific dimensions were available – just vague terms on some styles like “medium fit”.
  37. The Vouchers had great clarity, sturdy frames, and are super lightweight.
  38. I also like having nose pads so I ended up buying the Suncloud Swagger model with gray lenses.
  39. These sunglasses, cut the glare, eyes are less tired, and enhance the view.
  40. The silver emblem on the ear piece fell off and was in the plastic bag.
  41. I play Pickleball and the brown lens causes the yellow ball to really stand out.

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