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– Lampholder: grilamid TR90.

– Lenses: TAC polarized, tinted or amber with brightening.

– Rubber inserts in the tips of the arms.

– Rubber caps with ventilation.

– UV 400 filter.

– Skeleton categories and light transmittance: cat.3-intense sunlight-8% -18%

Brand: Arctica


Carrera Men’s Ca122s Rectangular Sunglasses

carrera men rectangular sunglasses

  1. This is the attitude that Carrera has always possessed.
  2. In order to guarantee and constantly improve their quality, Carrera products are developed in collaboration with world-class athletes.
  3. Thanks to Carrera’s passion for design and technological research, their products are continuously ranked among one of the best in the eyewear industry.
  4. The sunglasses are sweet seems well made I have another pair of carrera sunglasses I’ve had them 4 years now I wear them daily and they get beatin up but there still intact so I’m going to retire them and start wearing these only thing is the case isn’t great and didn’t come with a cleaning cloth which is weird most sunglasses come with a nice case & a cleaning cloth.
  5. Only k ock on them is the lenses are more mirrored than you can tell by the photos but they look great.
  6. Very lightweight, comfortable and effective for blocking the harsh sunrays.

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Suncloud Cookie Polarized Sunglasses

suncloud cookie polarized sunglasses

  1. Injection molded frames are crafted from optical grade Grilamid TR-90 Nylon for a quality fit, flexibility and lasting durability in all environmental conditions.
  2. Wire frames are crafted from optical grade Metal Alloys for a quality fit and lasting durability.
  3. Suncloud features styles with 6 and 8 base frame and lens curvature.
  4. Models that include 6 base tend to be more flat relative to your face.
  5. While frames and lenses that feature 8 base curvatures, enable the frame and lenses to wrap on the wearer’s face.
  6. These help your glasses hug and stay put on your face in light activity or humid conditions.
  7. This process helps to create a rigid polarizing film carrier and eliminates distortion.
  8. The results are glare free viewing through a lightweight lens with high impact resistance for added protection.
  9. The elimination of direct and ambient glare results in superior visual clarity, definition, color transmissions and optical comfort.
  10. The afternoon sun is whipped into submission by the lenses on these glasses.
  11. The lenses curve around so close to my face that they form almost like a goggle and the inside steams up every time I walk out of an air conditioned building and get in my hot car.
  12. If I could find this brand with a less curved lens I’d be happy to try those.
  13. The quality of these glasses is great (compared to other Suncluds and molded plastic polarized glasses at this price point).
  14. I use my other Cookies frames that last me forever on a daily basis.
  15. They are also truly polarized, not fake; colors look amazing, no glare, no squinting.
  16. HOWEVER, they are so unattractive on me in the yellow color!
  17. I really wanted to like them because they are on sale because they probably look hideous on lighter skin tones.
  18. They were also noticeable tighter than my other 2 Cookie Sunclouds and pinched more at the temples, so they will work well on a medium to small head size (for a woman, I consider mine mediumto large).
  19. These might look better on you if you’re used to wacky color glasses, or if you have bronzed or darker skin, which could look much nicer with these.
  20. I consider my style to be bohemian and trendy, but I just could not rock these.
  21. I’m a 30 year old girl with mid size face and they fit great!<
  22. The brown ones make the colors more warm (yellowish, brighter green).
  23. They don’t make light totally away, I mean it is still bright, but it’s ok because your eyes can still tolerate the sun light if you don’t have any sun glasses on.
  24. Update: they make steams on the one (or sometimes two) side/s of its glass next to my nose almost all the time.
  25. The yellow ones honestly don’t look good on me but I thought I’d try something different.
  26. They are comfortable to wear and don’t slide off my face.
  27. Where have to drive every morning towards the sun and these polarized glasses reduce the glare so good that she doesn’t has to close her eyes while driving.
  28. The glass color is pink, you’ll see all reds, yellows and green colors enhanced and the frame is super light-weight and strong.
  29. As you can see in the picture, the outter part of the frames are painted.
  30. It doesn’t look like the paint is going to peel off or anything.
  31. They are shipped only with a bag you can use to clean the glasses.
  32. So If you are putting them inside a backpack, you better have a hard cover carrying case.
  33. Bought my last one 5 years ago, but they are scratched and I needed new ones.
  34. I have large mellon so its difficult for me to find a pair of shades that fit without being too tight in the temples.
  35. I’ve had a few pair of Sun Clouds, they all fit nice, look good and do a nice job of protecting my eyes.
  36. We live in CO where you pretty much want to keep a pair of shades close by almost every day.

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