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Sunglasses Arctica S-125 are made of polycarbonate frames.

They are equipped with gray polarizing lenses that protect against UV radiation and eliminate light flares. Posidia frame for corrective glass.


Distance between hinges-13,3cm

Frame height with frame-4,4 cm

Brand: Arctica


Bolle Kingsnake Sunglass

bolle kingsnake sunglass

  1. I don’t think they are photochromic though as I have not noticed any darkening or lightening.
  2. The fancy coating seems to be “sticky” on the inside of one lense, which makes them hard to clean, but they can be cleaned.
  3. Not a big fan of the brand name shown in white in big letters on the side.
  4. Terrible for driving because The peripheral vision is blocked by the wide earpiece and because the lens doesn’t wraparound.
  5. They fit my head nicely, not to heavy, well worth the price.

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Bolle Molly Sunglasses

bolle molly sunglasses

  1. They’re snug on my face, so if you’re between a women’s and men’s size, they may be too small.
  2. One arm of this pair is not connected to the base and needs adjustment.
  3. I can take them to my local eyeglass repair store and have this adjustment fixed.
  4. I would like to see the Bolle Sunglasses like these to have a different clasp design; more updated and reliable for everyday use.
  5. Plus, I would like the more expensive Bolle women’s sunglasses with the cover over more of the eye to not only be Polarized but have a choice of different colors as this design does.
  6. I like the blue very much it is a nice change from the tortouise shell or a dark frame.
  7. The color is not nearly as rich in reality as it appears in the picture, it’s a much duller shade of blue.
  8. I love the color but the lenses are not as good as other Bolle glasses I have.
  9. I bought for the nice blue color but will not buy again.

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