cap cycling stack superroubaix black white

cap cycling stack superroubaix black white 1
Accent cycling cap. Made of SUPER ROUBAIX material, which is exceptionally warm and thanks to its densely woven structure it protects against rewinding.

The outer surface is smooth, and the inner surface has the form of a fleece.

The cap is sewn from several panels connected with flat seams, thanks to which it perfectly fits the shape of the head, and the helmet does not clog the helmet.

The double layer of material protects the head and ear sinuses.

The chimney cap construction allows it to be quickly changed into a thermal flange.

Brand: Accent


Giordana AV Bib Tight – Men’s

giordana bib tight men s

  1. It should come as no surprise to you that Giordana eschews this trend, creating the Giordana AV Bib Tight as a stylish way to stay dry and insulated in cooler weather.
  2. The stretchy fabric excels at moisture management, and it also features a soft brushed interior that maintains a lofted layer of heat next to your skin to keep your muscles warm in cold temperatures.
  3. Atop Roubaix, Giordana adds its revamped Acqua Zero membrane, which repels water and wind as you ride and continues to insulate, even if a sudden storm hits and causes it to soak through.
  4. Even while it repels the elements, the fabric and its additional membranes pull moisture away from your skin to aide in temperature management as you climb and descend.
  5. Since dim light accompanies rainy days, Giordana employs highly reflective Pixel panels along the lower legs, aiming to use pedaling movement to catch the attention of motorists.
  6. Zippered cuffs make getting dressed and undressed a simple endeavor, and Giordana’s capable Cirro S Chamois adds anatomically correct support and breathable cushioning as you log mileage for hours along wet roads.

Buy Giordana AV Bib Tight – Men’s here $178.72 – $275.00

Giordana G Shield Knee Warmers

giordana shield knee warmers

  1. If storm clouds threaten to end your ride early, get your knees into a pair of Giordana G Shield Knee Warmers, and ride through the cold and damp.
  2. The knee warmers are made from the Super Roubaix AZ fabric — a soft and stretchable material with an inner loft that’s both warm and breathable.
  3. For a perfect, comfortable fit, Giordana used contoured panels with minimal seams throughout the warmers.
  4. The Aqua-Zero treatment on the fabric gives it water-repellant properties, and adding to these features, a silicone heat application on the seams fills the stitching and forms a water tight seal.
  5. No moisture seeping through means that you can enjoy your 50 mile ride home in the misty weather.
  6. And should that ride occur in low-light conditions, the warmers come with reflective accents to increase your visibility.
  7. For a secure fit, an elastic gripper on the top hem keeps the warmers in place while you ride.

Buy Giordana G Shield Knee Warmers here $48.00 – $79.90

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