vest learn to swim for children Intex

vest learn to swim for children Intex 1
If you want to teach your child to swim, give him the maximum sense of security when first contacting the water. I will help you with this practical inflatable vest with a collar. It is easy to adjust it to the body’s proportions with two adjustable straps.

The INTEX product is made of high quality vinyl.

Thanks to fasteners, her dress is fast and easy!



PVC thickness-0.25 mm

Weight-0.30 kg

Air chambers-3

Suggested age-3 to 6 years

Brand: Intex


Intex Pool School Deluxe Swim Vest

intex pool school deluxe swim vest

  1. It’s designed for advanced swimming lessons and is made of durable 10 gauge vinyl.
  2. This swim vest is easy to wear and fits comfortably with the help of 2 quick release buckles that are adjustable too.
  3. Why You’ll Love It: It can be conveniently packed for travel with easy inflate deflate feature.
  4. I say this because my child is special needs and this helps him stay above water well.
  5. I was concerned bc the box it came in was dated and faded and that made me leary of the product, but the product was fine.
  6. Suggestion just like food people are attracted by the appearance and if the box it comes in looks dated and faded their not even going to want to open the box and just return it, if the boxes to the merchandise are worn perhaps a heads up would be nice!<
  7. Received the product in a week and we are overseas military!!!.
  8. Helped my daughter to feel safe in the water and so did I.
  9. Better and easier to put on then the typical swimmies that go on the arms.
  10. Works good and will continue to come in handy for the next couple years!
  11. This “life saving” device pushed him face down into the water with the ‘neck rest’ pushing his face extra hard into the water.
  12. The tube where you inflate air on the front right side keeps popping out and the air keeps deflating.
  13. It keeps the head very upright and builds swimming confidence.
  14. They worked great but totally disappointed that both broke.
  15. It’s very bulky, and rides up on them because it doesn’t have the strap that others have.

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