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The Intex swim learning vest may prove necessary during the child’s first contact with water. It will give him a sense of security and comfort. Made of high quality vinyl ensures durability of the product. It’s time for your child to discover all the advantages of swimming! Thanks to fasteners, her dress is fast and easy!┬áMain features:

– 100% safe

– strong, chewy color

– fastened with brackets



PVC thickness-0.25 mm

Weight-0.30 kg

Air chambers-3

Suggested age-from 3 to 6 years

Brand: Intex


Vest Swim Fun Fish 2-4yr Child

vest swim fun fish child

  1. It lasted all summer and was just perfect for him to swim about safe in, he much preferred this over the rubber ring.
  2. We used one of those SPF50 swim t-shirt’s under it (rash guards i think they call them).
  3. Anyway, he was able to practice his swim strokes in this very easily, it’s ideal for teaching your child the breast stroke.
  4. The next summer, he wore this ‘half inflated’ when he was 5 to help him gradually depend less on the air (we just blew it up a little less).
  5. I would say if your child is in a 3T or 4T this would be perfect size for you, it is adjustable at straps.
  6. A 5 year old wearing it would be a slim 5 year old or you’d need to blow a little less air into it so it didn’t fill out so tight for the 5 year olds.
  7. It has three valves instead of two, and they don’t leak.
  8. I like it because it’s not too bulky and it keeps them afloat.
  9. The downside is that once they’re in the water it tends to ride up at times and the belts do not stay fasten, so when that happens my daughter’s mouth starts to go underwater and she’s usually screaming mommy!
  10. They were recommended to me, and I will definitely recommend them to others.
  11. These are the only life jackets that my kids can actually swim with and be upright with the vest riding up to cover their chins.
  12. They actually felt safe and comfortable enough to swim in the water.
  13. We even used these at the beach and they held up excellently!<
  14. This inflatable kids vest kept sliding up by my little ones head.
  15. Of course I was with her in the pool, but this vest didn’t make her or myself feel safe while she wore it.
  16. The vest kept her floating, she didn’t sink at all, but not the best type of vest for a little one.
  17. Worked for my 2 year old, he loved it and it kept him safe.
  18. Although went back to arm floatation cause that’s what the kiddos wanted.
  19. My granddaughter went for a nonswimmer to moving all about in this vest.

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Intex Swim Vest Aqua 26″ x 17.5″

intex swim vest aqua x

  1. Aqua Vest allows kids a larger range of motion than traditional life vest.
  2. Made of 10ga (0.25mm) Vinyl It has 1 quick release adjustment buckle to makeputting it on and off convenient and hassle free.
  3. Aqua Vest allows kids a larger range of motion than traditional life vest.
  4. Bought to keep at my pool for any of my family and friends that has little ones.

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