swimming trunks Shepa 8

swimming trunks Shepa 9
The swimwear was made of the best quality material containing 71% Polyamide and 29% Lycra.

The fabric is resistant to destructive chlorine action-even frequent use will not hurt the baths.

The seams are made of flexible, strong threads, which are very durable. Baths provide extraordinary convenience.

The very elastic fabric adapts perfectly to the body, which is why it is perfectly arranged, ensuring attractive appearance and comfort while swimming.

At the waist sewn soft, non-compressive rubber, as well as a string, which quickly adjust the width. The bathing area has been strengthened with soft material, thanks to which intimate places are protected against bacteria and microorganisms present in the water.

The material has fast drying properties, so you feel comfortable also after leaving the water.

The swimwear were designed in the style of bathing shorts.

The fabric is matte, decorated with bright seams (render).
When ordering, please give your chosen color, in the absence of such information, the color will be sent randomly.


Material-polyamide 71%, Lycra 29%

Color –
– black, stitching meringue thread

– black, embroidery white thread

– black, stitching, yellow thread

– black, orange stitching thread

– black embroidery green thread

– black with gray tips

– navy, embroidery navy blue thread

– navy blue, embroidery ecri thread

– gray, embroidery ecri thread

Sizes-S, M, L, XL, XXL

Brand: Shepa


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