glasses swimming arena Vanquish

– revolutionary swimming goggles

– unique system of single glasses connected with veins with the possibility of precise nose adjustment

– double silicone strap


Brand: Arena


Arena Cobra Mirror Swim Goggle

arena cobra mirror swim goggle

  1. They are comfortable, no fogging or leaking (except after a lot of use, which is expected).
  2. The first pair he got, came with a hard case for storage.
  3. I used several Speedo goggles over the last 15 years and this one beats them all.
  4. He states that these are the most comfortable goggles he has had.
  5. They never slip off of his face upon diving, dont fog, and are very comfortable.
  6. Cons:
    VERY small, hard to fit, leak if doesn’t fit perfectly.
  7. I’ve never worn goggles so comfortable, clear and leak-proof.
  8. They do not leak, they fit well without sucking your eyeball out or leaving marks around the eyes.

Buy Arena Cobra Mirror Swim Goggle here $34.55

Shvim Silicone Swim Shower Cap – Free Gift a Pair of Ear Plugs

shvim silicone swim shower cap free gift pair ear plugs

  1. Keep your eyes open even in chlorinated water, and protect them from the sun.
  2. INNOVATIVE ATTACHED EARPLUGS: Protect both your eyes and ears with one piece!
  3. Cleverly designed, the comfortable ear plugs are connected to the goggles so they don’t get lost.
  4. BATHING CAP & NOSE GUARD: Included in the swimming gear package is a silicone swimmer cap and nose plugs.
  5. UNIVERSAL COMFY FIT: Our goggles’ silicone eye gasket seals have an ergonomic fit that molds to your eye shape while reducing pressure.
  6. Our stretchy caps accommodate most head sizes, and long or short hair.
  7. This “All In 1” one size fits most kit fits men, women, adults or children, and is for beginners to experience swimmers.
  8. Shvim goggles have large lenses with 180 degree visibility.
  9. Spot other swimmers, sea creatures, reefs, and more while swimming.
  10. Maintain clear vision underwater with our anti-fog, mirror coated PC lenses.
  11. Maintain your swim speed with our anti-leak goggles that keep water, chlorine, and salt out of your eyes.
  12. Have the freedom to focus on your stroke and technique without adjusting your goggles.
  13. If you prefer to float atop the water’s surface, these 100% UV protected lenses with mirror coating shield from sun glare.
  14. Their lock/unlock feature prevents hair pulling and tangling when being put on and taken off.
  15. Soft silicone eye gaskets mold to the shape of the eye, helping to reduce pressure and prevent soreness.
  16. The attached ear plugs shield from water and bacteria, preventing clogged ear canals and swimmer’s ear.
  17. No need to fear misplacing your ear plugs, as they are attached to our goggles!
  18. Shvim bathing swim capsare made out of strong, anti-rip silicone that is thick yet easy to put on.
  19. Its embossed interior provides an enhanced grip, while extra space holds long hair and ponytails while covering the ears.
  20. The silicone material, free of latex, is non-toxic and non-allergenic for those with sensitive skin.
  21. I still offer to send back the unused black cap, if they’d like, but they don’t seem to be overly concerned about that.
  22. A new company trying to keep its reputation solid, and its customers happy with strong materials and lots of answers before you buy.
  23. This swim cap doesn’t pull or hurt at all, she loves it and it looks like it will last several swim seasons.
  24. I have long hair that I color so I have been avoiding pools for many years.
  25. I decided to buy a swim cap that would keep my hair dry to protect my color.
  26. It is tight to keep water out, but it is shaped like a mushroom providing enough room for my long hair.
  27. It may be too tight for an individual with a large head.
  28. She loves having her favorite color (red) on her little head as she swims.
  29. Keeps her head dry which saves her hair from the harsh pool chemicals.
  30. This worked out great and didn’t budge at all during a few 20 minute swims so far.
  31. We were looking for a way to prevent so much chlorinevdamage to her hair and when she wears it, it works!<
  32. When I don’t cover my ears, the cap keeps my hair 90% dry.
  33. My head is fairly small (Im 5’2) and this thing just didnt fit!<

Buy Shvim Silicone Swim Shower Cap – Free Gift a Pair of Ear Plugs here $17.17

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