glasses to swim arena sight smoke acid lime
The special antifog coating protects against the limitation of visibility, and the glass additionally provides a very good field of view.

The frames and toe are easily adjustable and allow the Arena swim glasses to be adjusted to the requirements of the swimmer.

The hydrodynamic shape of the Arena goggles and the UV filter increase the comfort of use during swimming.


– model 92414/56

– triathlon goggles

– antifog coating

– perfectly matched

– frame adjustment system

– increased stability

– easy adjustment of frames

– hydrodynamic shape

– they provide full visibility

– UV filter

Brand: Arena


9-27x25mm Gladiator Compact Zoom Binoculars by Barska

x gladiator compact zoom binoculars barska

  1. Whether you are out in the Forest or inside an arena, have them trail along with you!
  2. From the manufacturer made for the great outdoors, the rugged, top-performance x-trail binoculars offer a superior combination of optics, durability, and value.
  3. The x-trail’s multiple features include quality coated optics that deliver a crisp, clear view; large objective lenses that maximize light transmission and create sharper Images; rugged and durable rubber Armor with a non-slip grip; and a carrying case and neck strap.
  4. Whether you’re out in the Forest or inside an arena, there’s an x-trail AB12542 to meet your needs.

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FiveBox Adult Waterproof Anti-shatter Uv Protection Swim Goggles for Men Women,Watertight Swimming Glass for Indoor and Open Water Swimming with Glass Case

fivebox adult waterproof anti shatter protection swim goggles for men women wate

  1. Very easy and handy to use to adjust the strap to shape your eyes and face properly.
  2. Ergonomic completely sealed silicone protective circle design can help to reduce the pressure around the eyes with good non-fogging and anti-UV effect ,let you enjoy swimming.
  3. Permium-Swim Goggle Frames Have High Suction Performance That Will Keep Water Out Of Your Goggles Throughout Your Entire Swim!
  4. I have 14 and 15 year old daughters and they LOVE these goggles!
  5. We recently moved to a home with a pool and have tried other goggles bought at local stores.
  6. Having a pool is a new experience so we didn’t realize how cheap and not useful most goggles are.
  7. They do have the clear – UV and that has proved to be a big bonus.
  8. They are pretty easy to adjust and fit snug enough to not leak but are not so tight they are uncomfortable or hurt to wear.
  9. So far after 2 weeks of use they are in tact and are just as sturdy as the first time they were used.
  10. They have a protective coating to make them shatter proof and scratch resistent.
  11. Another cool thing that came with these goggles is a nose plug and ear plugs.
  12. They came in a handy dandy, plastic case that is great for storing the goggles when not in use and is a great place to keep the nose plug and ear plugs.
  13. We purchased the pink color so my girls love the color.
  14. So I am very pleased and highly recommend these goggles!
  15. Looks like I will be buying another pair to keep the peace around here.
  16. I was able to purchase these goggles at a discount for giving a honest review.
  17. Yes it was reduced but I still paid for them and more important have taken my valuable time to write this review.
  18. This is a honest review, my daughters to LOVE these goggles!<
  19. I’m not the best swimmer but I love professional equipment so I absolutely happy with these googles.
  20. These look like they are good quality, but he used for the first time last week and one of the silicone pieces that surrounds the goggle came off when he put them on.
  21. I saved money on the mm over the Speedo ones I normally buy, but did I really being a I have to buy the Speedo ones anyway??
  22. Hopefully the 2 other pairs we purchased will have longer life.
  23. Just like all other anti-fog goggles I have ever owned, these still do fog up.
  24. The UV protection is nice if you plan on using these in the sun.
  25. I have been swimming for years and never has such a thing happened.
  26. I thought the
    first one might have been a fluke, but two mean that the product is not made correctly.
  27. I tried all 3 different sizes of clip, and each one cut into my nose.
  28. I imagine this will be an issue for many, though probably not all people.
  29. He is on the swim team at school and has been swimming all summer.
  30. His last pair of inexpensive goggles from wallyworld broke this year after 2 years.
  31. These don’t fog up and cone with extra nose pieces and a plastic case they can keep them in.
  32. I wouldn’t touch any of the lenses, would soak them in clean tap water.
  33. Not sure if its from the indoor pool or what, but after a few swims they started to fog.
  34. Now its all the time after a couple of laps, when my body heats up from swimming.
  35. Not happy about that since i have to stop, wipe the fog away, and put them back on.
  36. After a few swims it started to fog up and it’s very disappointing.

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