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– polycarbonate glass,

– ANTI FOG-anti-fog coating coating,

– UV SHIELD-protection against harmful UV rays,

– double silicone strap,

– RFA-new competitive belt adjustment system,

– super light elastomer construction,

– silicone gasket,

– 100% watertight,

– designed in one element technology, especially for women,

– an elegant packaging that protects glasses from damage and scratches.

Brand: Arena


Arena Swedix Mirror Race Swim Goggle

arena swedix mirror race swim goggle

  1. I used these while racing in college and they really helped: 1) with my head position in the pool and 2) not having to look up at the wall for turns.
  2. There are one and a half downsides to them:
    – Actual downside: Arena uses the cheapest rubber known to man.
  3. This can be mitigated if you use the string nose piece and a bungie strap though.
  4. Sort of downside: they work so well that they are addictive.
  5. You can’t really borrow a friends normal googles when you use these regularly, as tilt-less googles will throw off your head position and walls.
  6. So, order 2 pair and make sure you have a back up ready.
  7. They fit well and do not leave huge marks around my eyes.
  8. I do replace the straps with bungie straps right away because they are easier to keep adjusted.
  9. Second, the watertight fit begins to leak after about 6 months.
  10. I take good care of them – rinse them after every swim, air dry them out of the sun and keep them in a case.
  11. That said, I keep buying them so the good things definitely outweigh the bad.
  12. He trains in a pool of competition and we do not understand how an Arena product can be spoiled thus with so little use.
  13. We purchased these 1 month ago and the “mirroring” is already completely gone and the left lens and mostly gone on the right lens.
  14. This is super disappointing because the regular lenses don’t have any issues at all.
  15. The Swedix goggles are the most comfortable goggles she has ever used so it’s too bad this pair is ruined.
  16. Antifog coating, as like all other goggles, wears off after about a week of typical use.
  17. They make seeing ahead of you without changing your head position a lot easier, which is great for under-waters.
  18. Also, thy helped break my habit of lifting my head a few degrees before flip-turns.
  19. The first pair had a weird greasy/gluey film over the lens that could not be removed.
  20. Then second pair I received to replace the first, broke in two second when I tried to tighten the nose area.
  21. My friend has these and likes them but I got unlucky twice and wasn’t willing to try a third time.
  22. The rubber tore when I tried to make them fit correctly.
  23. The bend in the middle of the goggles takes some getting used to.

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