swimming goggles huub Brownlee black
The first of a series of HUUB products created in cooperation with the Brownlee brothers.

Glasses with a lower profile, useful both during open water competitions and at the pool.

The main attention has been paid here for comfort and visibility.

– double eraser allows for better fit and stable grip on the head

– exceptionally clear glass

– three interchangeable jumpers allowing adjustment to the eye spacing

Brand: Huub


HUUB Altair Swim Goggle – Black

huub altair swim goggle black

  1. You wanted one set of adaptable goggles with interchangeable lenses.
  2. The world’s only goggles with three different lenses, designed to give you razor sharp vision in different light conditions.
  3. Lens: Highest Grade Poly-Carbonate Gasket: Soft, flexible and no pressure feel Silicone Nose Piece: PU, 3 interchangeable bridges for custom fit 3 mirrored lens for reduced glare and comfort.

Buy HUUB Altair Swim Goggle – Black here $70.00

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