swimming goggles speedo pacific storm junior
Swimming goggles for the youngest swimmers swimming in recreational or recreational activities.

All placed on super soft silicone gaskets ensuring good adhesion to the eye socket, and a double elastic, silicone rubber with Quick Fit Adjustment allows you to securely place the goggles on the head and individual fit.

The frame made in Soft Frame technology ensures high comfort thanks to its flexible properties. The lenses are equipped with a Antifog coating preventing evaporation, and covered with a UV filter to protect the eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation.

The whole can be stored in a bag attached to the goggles.


– Antifog

– UF

– Soft Frame

– Speed ​​Fit Adjustment

Material-Polikarbon, Silicone

Brand: Speedo


Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Swim Goggle

speedo vanquisher mirrored swim goggle

  1. The gasket rests snugly and securely in the eye socket.
  2. Two-tone silicone double head strap and ergonomic adjustable clip.
  3. If I ever wanted to blindfold someone, I’d just give them these.
  4. If I were at the pool and a crime was committed I couldn’t honestly testify about anything I saw.
  5. I’d just have to say, there were darkness, and in the darkness, there was more darkness.
  6. Batman probably uses these to hone his echolocation skills.
  7. To this day, I have not yet needed to stop mid laps to dump any water out that has made it’s way past the sealed suction.
  8. I have not experienced any issues with fogging of the lenses during laps either.
  9. Comes with extra nose clips for those with larger or smaller bridges.
  10. Cons
    – These goggles are mirrored, not clear, which means that you vision will be altered some.
  11. This is not usually a big deal but if the pool you are swimming at is not very well lit, your vision will be much “smokier.” As for triathletes and open water swimmers, I would advise against these completely.
  12. Any sun that hits these bad boys will make it so that you cannot see anything.
  13. The nose bridge does hurt a bit, even after swapping out for different sizes.
  14. Either I have an abnormal nose, or these bridges do dig in to your nose just a little too much.
  15. It is not extremely painful or noticeable when you first put them on but by the end of your workout, you will feel a noticeable stinging in the area.
  16. Conclusion

    While these goggles are definitely pretty good (I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a Speedo product that wasn’t), there are definitely better choices out there, especially for open water swimmers.

  17. The mirror lens is a cool attempt at making your goggles a bit more stylish, but the attempt at more style has forsaken a bit of the practicability.
  18. If you are a competitive indoor swimmer or just a normal leisure swimmer who swims for exercise, these will do just fine, as long as the pool you swim at is moderately lit.
  19. All in all, definitely consider these when you make your final decision, as they are still very good goggles.
  20. Son used them for swim practice this AM and as he was tightening the straps, they broke.
  21. Thankfully we had bungee cord strap on hand so that he could use them right away.
  22. Son likes them as he swims in an outdoor pool and there is a lot of sun glare/reflection.
  23. Just disappointed that the straps broke before he even used the goggles.
  24. Highly recommended but having an extra cord handy or it would be important to include in the packaging as well.
  25. I have bought this same model of goggles from local stores and used competitively for months with no issues.
  26. Pay the higher price at a local sports store and you will be much better off.
  27. The more plastic like eye cups don’t seal as well and seem to crack after a season.
  28. My old pair of these is 3 years old, still works fine, colors just got faded.
  29. Looking at the pictures it seems like the tinting is different for different color goggles.
  30. My gray goggles with silver tint have the perfect amount of tint.
  31. I wonder if some of the black tinted ones aren’t the ones that are too dark.
  32. If you have a very big head, big enough one of those one size fits all snap ball caps doesn’t fit, these may be too small.
  33. I have a big head, can typically do 2 or 3 snaps on a one size fits all ball cap and these fit, but they are at the maximum size.
  34. My 9-year old son swims year around and goes through tons of goggles (because he loses them).
  35. We buy Finis non-tinted from his coach for indoor, but this summer, he asked me for tinted.
  36. He liked them a lot, but the strap broke after wearing them about 10 times.
  37. My husband is going to replace the straps, but that’s not the point!
  38. I have since purchased the tinted Finis goggles for myself.
  39. The plastic where the nose piece connects to the goggle just snapped and broke completely leaving them absolutely useless.
  40. My son was pretty mad because he had to finish the next 90 minutes with no goggles.
  41. They fit well, it comes with extra nose bridges of varying lengths.
  42. As expected, the factory applied anti-fog solution wears out in a couple of sessions.
  43. The overall front visibility is decent, the peripheral view is not great, but that doesn’t really matter all that much when swimming.
  44. As long as you can see the lane strip at the bottom of your lane, it’s fine.
  45. With some experimentation with adjusting the strap length you can minimize the leaks.
  46. Overall, the price is right, fit is decent, and visibility is fine for the intended use.
  47. I would even question if this is even an original product or a knock off?<

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