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system camera car drive dual media tech mt 1
U-Drive DUAL MT4056 is a system of two car cameras that record high-quality images in front of and behind the vehicle. Recordings from the rear camera can be a great proof when hit in the back of your car. U-Drive DUAL guarantees irrefutable evidence of an exit from any unclear road incident. Recordings from both cameras can be viewed on a large (3″)

and clear LCD display, which means you can prove your innocence directly at the scene of a collision or accident! The waterproof rear camera can be mounted inside and outside the car. Also full functions of the reversing camera at the moment of reversing. U-Drive DUAL starts recording after camera detection.

Thanks to this function, each parking tag will be recorded. Registering in a loop guarantees recording continuity.

Old recordings are replaced with new ones. Files can be protected against overwriting if necessary. LEDs provide high quality video material even in complete darkness.

The material is collected on a microSD memory card with a capacity of up to 32GB. At the time of the shocks caused by the accident or bump, a significant part of the recording will be secured. U-Drive DUAL has a built-in LCD display with a diagonal of 3″.It is also possible to view the image of each camera at the same time.MT4056 allows instant photo documenting of damage, as well as taking photos of the event location in high resolution up to 5Mpix.


– System 2 car cameras front / rear

– Recording image and sound

– Video resolution of the front camera: max 1080p Full HD (1920x1080ppi)

– Rear camera resolution: WVGA (720×480 ppi)

– Reverse camera function

– Color LCD screen 3 inches

– Still image resolution up to 5Mpix

– Broad angle of view 130 degrees

– 6 infrared LEDs

– Supported formats: AVI (h.264), JPG

– Motion detection

– Date tag

– SOS function

– Recording periodically (overwrite if there is not enough space on the card)

– Built-in micro SD memory card reader (support for memory cards up to 32GB)

– Holder for attaching the front camera to the windshield

– Rear waterproof camera for outdoor installation

– Power from the cigarette lighter socket

– Start / stop recording at engine start / stop

– Built-in lithium-ion battery backup (not intended for normal operation)

– Multi-language, easy to use menu

– Small size: 89x54x36 mm

– Weight: 60g

Brand: media-tech

media tech

KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid Wide Hiking Shoe

keen men targhee mid wide hiking shoe

  1. Waterproof nubuck leather works in tandem with a hydrophobic mesh lining for epic levels of durability and breathable comfort.
  2. KEEN.DRY waterproof technology keeps water out, whether you’re voyaging across a river or dodging rain droplets.
  3. Below lies an aggressively lugged outsole that grips to a variety of terrains.
  4. It’s designed to keep your feet dry and let them breathe, and the aggressive outsole bites into the terrain.
  5. From beaches to mountains to city streets, Keen believes the outdoors is anyplace without a ceiling.
  6. If you’re a normal user of “wide” shoes, as I am, keep in mind a couple of things.
  7. I have the Targhee II in both regular width and wide, and if you put them side to side, the width of the base/platform of the shoe is identical.
  8. The “wide” version basically allocates more real estate in the upper, making the leather upper able to expand further, thereby accommodating a wider foot.
  9. For myself, who normally wears wide sizes in running shoes, I find that the regular “D” width Keen shoes are fine–Keens are known for having a wide toe box and unless you have significantly wide feet, normal sizes should be fine.
  10. The wide version of the Targhee II is built to handle the widest of feet.
  11. While this is purely an aesthetical gripe (yet not one I’m willing to subtract a star for), for folks that have only moderately wide feet like myself, when you lace up to a satisfactorily comfortable and tight degree, the two halves of the upper are pulled extremely close together making the shoes appear quite different than what you see in the online photos.
  12. I don’t particularly care about this but some might, as the shoe is definitely less attractive with the laces scrunched together in a tight sequence in the middle of the boot.
  13. DO order a half size up from what you normally do, despite what some of the reviews may suggest.
  14. Whenever you’re going to buy Keens, as sizing varies wildly among models and versions, always check the Keen official website for the recommendation on when/if to order a size up.
  15. Always check the website, and if you’re ordering Targhee IIs then ALWAYS order a half size up.
  16. I own Danners, Merrells, Eccos and a number of other boot brands.
  17. They have stable yet amazingly cushioned soles and outers, and while this obviously translates to them being less durable, I’m willing to sacrifice longevity for the level of comfort I get out of these boots.
  18. Merrells are great shoes, but the wide toe box and material quality of Keens win me over.
  19. Steal of a lifetime, and the reason why I’m a Prime member FOR LIFE.
  20. I’ve never had a shoe, of any type or for any purpose, that has been more comfortable than these.
  21. I have absolutely no foot fatigue after wearing these boots be it for an hour or for a full ten hour day.
  22. I don’t know about the durability but for the price if they last a year they will have been worth every penny.
  23. Oh yeah, and on an 88 degree day my feet don’t get too hot.
  24. Update: As mentioned, I wasn’t sure about the durability.
  25. Seams at toe began coming apart within two months and I haven’t hit the three month period yet and the sole is delaminating.
  26. I contacted Keen and got the audio version of the deer in the headlights.
  27. The rep was very unresponsive and would not provide any useful information as to quality control issues.
  28. The only reason I gave these two stars is because of the comfort factor.
  29. By the way, these came highly recommended by Backpacker magazine.
  30. I tried these on in a sporting goods store, but wanted a brown color which they did not have.
  31. This way, when walking downhill, you will not be losing toenails.
  32. So order at least 1 size up, or try a fitting at brick and morter.
  33. When trying on the boots at the store, I discovered that I need a bigger shoe for my left foot???
  34. When I put my feet together, found left foot has grown 1/2″ larger than the right!
  35. That’s why I’ve had trouble ordering shoes, never noticed that before!
  36. Con: My foot is used to Merrell boots which have sueded leather and breathable construction.
  37. My feet will need a lot of getting used to with these Keen’s.
  38. But I bought the harder leather Keen’s because the Merrell’s wear out where the toe bends the front of the shoe, and the sole separated from the uppers.
  39. I used to have water soaking in, and so what, but then little fungi like to grow in a wet dark shoe.
  40. These wide versions of the Targhee II are, by far, the most comfortable hiking shoes I have ever owned.
  41. I’ve had these for about 6 months now and have used them for day hikes about 5 times a week and they feel as comfortable and supportive as the first day.
  42. The heel and forefoot cushioning shows no sign of deterioration as most shoes do with me due to my mass.
  43. I cannot recommend these shoes more, especially if you have wide feet or are a little bit larger than most folks.
  44. Very nice shoe, would have exchanged but didn’t have the 10W.
  45. I used to buy cheaper priced military boots and they would wear out on me within a few months.
  46. They fit perfectly (I wear a 14 wide and it is hard to find perfect fitting shoes).
  47. They fit well and kept my feet dry while hiking through extreme wet conditions.
  48. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but chalked it up to being too narrow.

Buy KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid Wide Hiking Shoe here $134.95 – $159.95

Toshiba 256GB Q Series Pro PC Internal Solid State Drive (HDTS325XZSTA)

toshiba series pro internal solid state drive hdts xzsta

  1. Hence to fix this issue, we are setting the value here.
  2. Try checking the product description for more information, or click “See all parts that fit” to see a list of products that are confirmed to fit your model.
  3. How likely is it that you would recommend this feature to a friend?<
  4. So we use pure javascript to set the bullet text & show/hide it.
  5. But they do provide much faster and more reliable performance that will knock your socks off.
  6. Made for MultitaskingIf you could only do more, and do it quicker.
  7. You’ll multitask like mad with significantly less lag than a traditional hard drive.
  8. And you’ll also experience speedier Windows startups, web browsing, emailing, antivirus scans and more.
  9. Bring Your Old PC Back to LifeToshiba Q-Series Pro Solid State Drives can revive your sluggish PC that is running on a traditional hard drive by reducing your OS boot time and speeding up your PC data transfer rate by leaps and bounds.
  10. This means you can spend more time enjoying your applications, and less time staring at the hour glass icon on your computer screen.
  11. So you’ll drool over faster frame rates and more responsive play–with no gaps in the action.
  12. Plus, you can load an entire title onto one of these drives, then just sit back and enjoy the fun.
  13. Lower Power ConsumptionSince they don’t spin up, Toshiba Q-Series Pro Solid State Drives use a lot less power.
  14. More time to work and play on your Ultrabook system or laptop.
  15. You may also experience less downtime by going longer between battery charges.
  16. Toshiba Q-Series Pro Solid State Drives are so efficient, they consume up to 50% less power than competing models.
  17. Upgrades and Data Transfers Made EasyToshiba Q-Series Pro Solid State Drives make it easy for you to upgrade your PC.
  18. Just download the free software,(6) run the program and complete the migration process in a few simple steps.
  19. Better DurabilityWith no moving parts, Toshiba Q-Series Pro Solid State Drives are more resistant to shocks and vibrations.
  20. That’s important when you’re pushing to send that email and answer IMs–at the same time, of course.
  21. They also help ensure that your documents, games, pictures and videos will be there when you want them.
  22. Toshiba Q-Series Pro Solid State Drives offer excellent long term performance for extended or heavy workloads.
  23. Do More and Do It QuickerEnjoy faster access to applications and speedier Windows startups, web browsing, emailing, antivirus scans and more.
  24. NOTE: Use of NTI Echo software in a Laptop or Ultrabook will require the use of a SATA to USB bridge cable (not included).
  25. A computer operating system, however, reports storage capacity using powers of 2 for the definition of 1GB= 2 to the 30th power= 1,073,741,824 bytes and 1TB = 2 to the 40th power= 1,099,511,627,776 bytes, and therefore shows less storage capacity.
  26. Available storage capacity (including examples of various media files) will vary based on file size, formatting, settings, software and operating system and other factors.
  27. Compatibility may vary depending on user’s hardware configuration and operating system.
  28. Installation was straightforward, you can download a Toshiba only version of NTI Echo 3 to migrate data.
  29. You will need an adapter cable to go from SATA to USB or E-SATA port on you computer.
  30. Physically swap the drives and you are off to the races.
  31. If you have not installed a SSD in a computer you will be pleasantly surprised at the performance difference.
  32. Take a bit of time post install to tweek the system to optimize both performance and potential life span of the SSD.
  33. Lots of information if you search for “SSD Optimization”.
  34. Power consumption is also down a good bit with much better battery life but the biggest boost is in application execution (zero wait time read / write) as well as the ability to run programs that demand a lot of disk use (swapfiles and data movement) much more efficiently.
  35. I successfully transferred the contents of my old HD to my new SSD using the provided NTI Echo software and a USB/SATA transfer cable.
  36. That process was slow on my laptop and took over an hour to transfer only about 55 GB of data.
  37. I then removed the old HD and installed the Toshiba SSD.
  38. This took me about 20 minutes mostly because of the tiny mounting screws.
  39. The new SSD fit perfectly into the old HD drive’s mounting bracket.
  40. As expected, CPU related performance changed very little.
  41. However, the laptop’s reading, writing, and loading times have improved considerably.
  42. I have to say that I am somewhat perplexed by some of the negative reviews that I have read concerning the NTI Echo software and/or the SSD itself.
  43. I don’t intend to be mean, but I think that a lot of these folks would be better off having the Geek Squad or someone like that do the work of installing barebones products like this.
  44. I forgot to mention how I got the NTI Echo software to work in a Win 8/8.1 environment.
  45. I got tired of reading all the reviews wherein the writers were whining that the product didn’t work using Win 8/8.1.
  46. It turns out that there is indeed a bug in the software.
  47. I was advised by them to temporarily disable the drivers for any memory card (SD, CF, etc.) readers present in my environment.
  48. When I was sure that I was done using the Echo program, I re-enabled the drivers.
  49. According to NTI software support, the problem is the “with UASP” aspect of the cable.
  50. They say their software will not work with UASP and to try to use a cable without it.
  51. EDIT: Bought a non “w/UASP” cable and successfully migrated data from old HD to the new SSD.
  52. I picked this one because from what I’ve read, Toshiba SSDs have some of the lowest idle power consumption and my goal was to extend the battery life of this little computer as much as possible while also gaining some speed.
  53. Peace of mind is worth mentioning too, now I’m not worried about the drive failing from bumps or vibration.
  54. The Mini doesn’t have much RAM so it has to access the disk more than it should, and was causing significant lag while doing mundane things like opening web pages but the SSD has helped a lot with that and made it more tolerable to use.
  55. I haven’t put this thing through the torture test like I have my 840 EVO in my desktop, but so far it’s been trouble free.
  56. It really takes a long time to boot up or do anything in that old computer.
  57. I replaced the hard drive with this one, but I went from 500gb to 128 gb.
  58. The capacity does not bother me since I could always add an external hard drive.
  59. I had been using this computer for a year and it still works fast.
  60. The start up used to be 3 minutes or more, but now it’s a mere 10 seconds, or less.
  61. Drive is faster than my SATA version, so no gripes there.
  62. I bought this for a new notebook which was maxing out is ram and running slow or seizing up.
  63. The performance blows other SSDs away in its size/price category.

Buy Toshiba 256GB Q Series Pro PC Internal Solid State Drive (HDTS325XZSTA) here $133.92

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