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Pressure balls, for all surfaces.

High abrasion resistance, low loss of elasticity.

The special structure of the felt ensures longer ball contact with tension and greater comfort of the game.


– number of balls: 4

– material felt, wool

– pressure balls system Nano Play

– purpose: all pitches

– color: yellow

Brand: Wilson


Wilson Golf Tour Velocity Tour Distance Golf Balls

wilson golf tour velocity tour distance golf balls

  1. The Tour Velocity Distance Golf Ball has an advanced two-piece design with enhanced dimple pattern for a longer flight.
  2. It gives players superior playability, the longest distance, and a soft feel.
  3. The advanced 2-piece construction and optimized dimple pattern provide a tour performance flight trajectory.
  4. But at the rate I lose my balls it really doesn’t matter much.
  5. If you are looking for an inexpensive ball that you can play, these are it.
  6. Myself, I am going back to Titlist, they may cost double the price but you get what you pay for.
  7. I did for my swing speed (85 to 90mph) but they were all more expensive then these.
  8. Went with these for my first try on the harder ball then I am used to and I am glad I did.
  9. I found one of these balls on the course and tried it out.
  10. I was amazed at the 10-20 yards increased distance with these balls.
  11. I subsequently bought a package of these balls and the consistency is still there.
  12. I have recommended these balls to other golfers and they have confirmed the improved distance.
  13. I have also noticed the balls are very tough and resistant to scuffs and scratches.
  14. He has a slower swing and wanted a ball that would help get him some distance.
  15. He has started to play golf again since his Dad passed.

Buy Wilson Golf Tour Velocity Tour Distance Golf Balls here $14.97

Wilson- Ladies Tour Velocity Golf Balls

wilson ladies tour velocity golf balls

  1. The Tour Velocity Women’s Golf Ball has an advanced two-piece design with enhanced dimple pattern for a soft feel and more control around the greens.
  2. Designed to tailor to women’s swing speeds, it gives player’s distance and an incredible feel.
  3. Great for someone like me who doesn’t have as much power as the men I play with.
  4. I have to say I can keep up with the big boys again who hit the ball 250 to 300 yards off the tee with these balls.
  5. Lets just say I am not embarrassed by using a women’s golf ball and these balls give me another 20 to 25 yards off the tee even with a few miss hits off the heal and toe.
  6. The ball flight is good but much of that depends on how you hit the ball.
  7. Agree with other reviews, I get better distance with these.
  8. I couldn’t resist buying some to see if it was a fluke.
  9. I also like that Wilson is supporting women’s breast cancer research.
  10. Only downfall was it took me forever to find it because my boyfriend drew male parts on the ball.

Buy Wilson- Ladies Tour Velocity Golf Balls here $11.00

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