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Light and easy to play rocket for beginners with your tennis adventure. It has elliptical construction, which increases the rigidity and strength of the frame by 20% and allows stronger impacts.


Material-Fused Graphite

Pow. headlights-680 cm2 / 105 in.

Weight-275 g

Balance-330 mm

String arrangement-16/19

Length-685 mm / 27 in.

Brand: Babolat


BABOLAT Vs Touch Tennis String

babolat touch tennis string

  1. BT7 permits a larger contact surface of the natural gut fiber bands, leading to better durability.
  2. Continues to utilize first grade Babolat materials, VS Touch is a modern natural gut with Thermogut Technology that resists moisture and humidity.

Buy BABOLAT Vs Touch Tennis String here $44.97

Babolat SpiralTek Tennis String Reel – (B243124R)

babolat spiraltek tennis string reel r

  1. This solid core string provides solid power and consistent response for all-court play.
  2. The inner core then has a polyamide single wrap produced with Spiraltek technology.
  3. This results in added comfort and provides an exceptionally responsive feel on contact.
  4. The strings outer wrap also aids in tension maintenance and increases overall string durability.
  5. Players seeking a comfortable string that provides a high level of responsiveness and durability will enjoy Babolat SG Spiraltek.
  6. This is not a co-poly string it is a synthetic gut sting.
  7. I would consider this string to be above average in durability.
  8. My 10 year old and 12 year old use a full bed of the 17 gauge and it will last the 10 year old about a month before he blows one (he plays 8-9 hours week) while the 12 year old gets at least 9-10 weeks out of them before they lose playability (playing about 3 hours a week).
  9. I feel the 17G gives a bit more spin and pop than the 16G.
  10. It didn’t do anything particularly well, but most notable was how underpowered it seemed.
  11. I also didn’t get nearly as much control as I’m used to from my go-to string, Volkl Cyclone.
  12. Spiraltek may look and sound snazzy but it’s basically a dud.

Buy Babolat SpiralTek Tennis String Reel – (B243124R) here $64.95 – $281.64

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