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Nadal Junior is the perfect rocket for players up to 100 cm high. Legendary, uncompromising rocket for future champions. For children with an increase from 100 to 145 cm.

A great rocket for children Rafael Nadal. New design!


PARAMETERS-Still Junior 26


headlights-680 cm2 / 105 inches.

Weight-245 g

Length-660 mm / 26 inches

For children up to 145 cm tall PARAMETERS-Still Junior 25


Pow. heads-680 cm2 / 105 in.

Weight-240 g

Length-635 mm / 25 inches

For children up to 140 cm tall PARAMETERS-Still Junior 23


Pow. heads-600 cm2 / 93 in. sq.– 215 g

Length-585 mm / 23 in.

For children up to 125 cm tall PARAMETERS-Nadal Junior 21


Pow. heads-550 cm2 / 85 in. sq.

Weight-175 g

Length-535 mm / 21 inches

For children up to 110 cm tall PARAMETERS-Still Junior 19


Pow. heads-530 cm2 / 82 in.

Weight-175 g

Length-485 mm / 19 inches

Brand: Babolat


Babolat Nadal 19 Junior Tennis Racquet

babolat nadal junior tennis racquet

  1. Young players are sure to enjoy using this junior-sized replica of Nadal`s racquet.

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