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Tennis racket designed for the youngest tennis players-children aged 4 to 6 years or an increase from 110 to 120 cm, starting their game with tennis. Rocket made of graphite composite, which significantly reduces the vibration of the rocket during impact. Composite rockets are characterized by greater durability. Very good value combined with moderate price.

The rocket has the original cover and is factory-fitted by the manufacturer.


Purpose-children with an increase of 110 to 120 cm

Head area-95 inches / 613 cm?

Weight-225 g (without stitch)

Material-Graphite composite

Length-21 inches-53.5 cm

Frame thickness-18 mm

Number of strings-16 x 17


Cover-YES 3/4 rocket

Brand: Wilson


Wilson Junior’s Blade Tennis Racquet

wilson junior blade tennis racquet

  1. Lite, easy to control and has enough sweet spot so she can hit the ball well and make a good swing.
  2. For the price that I bought, it is absolutely worth it.
  3. I went back and got a smaller size for my son the next day we received it and had a chance to tested out!<
  4. He likes it much better than the 25-inch Wilson he used to have.

Buy Wilson Junior’s Blade Tennis Racquet here $49.95

Wilson Blade Team Junior Tennis Racquet bundled with a Child’s Tennis Bag

wilson blade team junior tennis racquet bundled with child tennis bag

  1. The large frame head features a medium sweet spot and offers the control juniors are looking to develop.
  2. These racquets are very durable, so don’t worry if your little one decides to hit it against a pole.
  3. Double X Technology makes this racket superlight and easier to swing, and the Titanium Alloy provides added strength ‘O’ Beam construction for maximum durability.
  4. It features a comfortable small grip that is perfect for small hands.
  5. Wilson’s line of Junior tennis bags are tailored to encourage enthusiams in young tennis players, allowing them to carry their own racquets and gear to practice.
  6. These bags have enough room to carry other sports gear, so they can be use for every practice, any day of the week.

Buy Wilson Blade Team Junior Tennis Racquet bundled with a Child’s Tennis Bag here $85.00 – $94.98

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