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The Wilson Envy 100L tennis racket has a frame designed to increase strength.

The producer is not responsible for the friendly destruction of the rocket. Wilson Envy 100L-we recommend advanced players and a person who is determined to learn to play well. Its not too high weight and large head supports learning and proper ball reflection. In addition, DOUBLE HOLES technology has been used (technology based on increasing the diameter of the grommets maintaining the tension by which the staple becomes more flexible and more responsive to contact with the ball. Basalt is a natural volcanic scale. Used in the production process, it adopts the form of golden fibers with unimaginable vibration resistance. BLX is a new technology in which Wilson used these fibers. Interlacing them along with the [K] rophite Black, one of the most advanced composites in the world was created.

Thanks to the basalt fibers used in the BLX technology, the frame gives a more pure, smooth response, eliminating unnecessary vibrations.

Everything after, to ensure the best feeling of the ball.


Head size – (~ 645 cm2)

100 cal2

Weight (no load)

– 267 g

Balance-34 cm

Material-Basalt ( BLX)

Number of strings-16×20



Frame profile-22 mm

Stiffness-b / d RA

Length-68.58 cm<

Brand: Wilson


Wilson Envy 100L Light Tennis Racquet (Unstrung)

wilson envy light tennis racquet unstrung

  1. Perfect for the aspiring adult or transitioning junior, this racquet is value-packed.
  2. The 100” mid-plus head-size creates a larger sweet spot for unmatched consistency and accuracy.
  3. Overall, the Envy 100L is the perfect performance-value racquet for the player looking for a light-weight racquet that provides power with an easy swing.
  4. The new BLX technology delivers cleaner feedback and better sensation to the hand.
  5. BLX technology which filters out unwanted frequencies (i.e vibrations) that reach the hand to deliver a clean feedback and sensation for the perfect feel players demand.
  6. This racquet is a great option for a beginner to intermediate player looking for a light maneuverable racquet with a great balance of control and power.
  7. I would suggest this to any starting players our there.

Buy Wilson Envy 100L Light Tennis Racquet (Unstrung) here $78.00

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