tennis racket gas wilson juice pink

tennis racket gas wilson juice pink 1
The perfect choice for juniors starting to learn to play tennis, who need a light rocket with the ability to perform in a simple way of proper movement.



Manufacturer’s code-WRT215600

Age (l)

/ Height (cm)

– 6-8 / 113-125

Weight ( g)

– 205

Head area (cm2)

– 677

String layout-16/19


Cover-yes (polpokrowiec)

Main color-pink

Length (inches)

– 23

Brand: Wilson


Wilson Juice 100S Spin Effect Tennis Racquet

wilson juice spin effect tennis racquet

  1. It’s a good fit for me and I needed my second for backup.
  2. This racquet was sent pre-strung by the seller and is working out fine at that string tension.
  3. I also have the regular Juice 100, and much prefer this spin version.
  4. However, it would have been better to ship it without it.
  5. However, I struggled to make shots that were common with my old Head Liquid Metal.

Buy Wilson Juice 100S Spin Effect Tennis Racquet here $138.99 – $139.95

Wilson Juice Junior Tennis Racquet

wilson juice junior tennis racquet

  1. My daughter is almost 7 and it is very hard to find a 24 inch racket which is hard to understand as the jump from 23 to 25 is just too big so you would think there would be more 24 inch rackets on the market.
  2. This is the perfect next racket up from her 23 inch and right away she is hitting better with more control and power, she absolutely loves it.
  3. The overall construction of this racket is very good quality.
  4. Good size and weight for taller junior players who can’t handle the adult-sized models.
  5. Comes with a case that’s slightly too small, probably made for a 25-in, but it does fit.
  6. Description says “Red” but there’s no red, just blues, white, and yellow.
  7. She’s a developing player and is finding the power she needs in this racquet, thanks Wilson!<
  8. It has a nice Wilson fitted bag with a strap for carrying included.
  9. I would highly recommend this tennis racket for this age group.
  10. The gap from 23-25 is huge and by Wilson providing the only 24inch raquets in the world we need to support this!<
  11. I’m a competitive tennis player and I knew I didn’t want him playing with a cheap department store frame even as a beginner.

Buy Wilson Juice Junior Tennis Racquet here $69.95

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