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tennis racket gas wilson pro lite blx 1
Pro Lite is a perfect proposition for young players looking for equipment with an enlarged head area and a large maneuverability. Balance focused on the head promotes increased game dynamics and comfortable impacts. Made in BLX technology ensures optimal vibration reduction and stability.

A rocket that favors players focused on technique so it does not require too much power.


Head size – (~ 658 cm2)

102 [in2]

Weight (no load)

– 258 [g]

Balance-34.5 [cm]

Material-Basalt (BLX)

Number of strings-16×19



Frame profile-27.5 [mm]

Stiffness-b / d [RA]

Length-68.58 [cm]

Brand: Wilson


Wilson Pro Tennis Racquet Over Grip, Pack of 3

wilson pro tennis racquet over grip pack of

  1. Top choice of Wilson touring pros such as Roger Federer and the Williams sisters.
  2. Today, we’re still building, relentlessly pushing the limits of performance and design to equip a new generation of players with products worthly of our name.
  3. Plus the white color helps to know visibly when it’s time to change your grip tape.
  4. I think too often people continue to play on grips that need to be replaced, simply because their grip tape is so dark that they don’t see how bad it is.
  5. They keep the racquet from slipping in my hand – I replace them every 3-4 months so they are extremely economical.
  6. I keep a couple in my tennis bag so I can replace at will.
  7. After the wear and tear, I had to eventually and luckily this overgrip feels even better.
  8. I like them better than those overly-advertised light blue brand, because they didn’t last as long as these do.
  9. Plus, I like the white color and the fact it comes with 3 of them in a single pack, so it’s convenient to carry around extras in my tennis bag to use if needed.
  10. I still haven’t had to change the first one and it’s been months, and I play heavily, so they are definitely high quality.
  11. I tend to find Wilson brand usually makes the best grips as well as rackets.
  12. It has a nice tacky grip so the racket is less likely to spin and shift in your hands.
  13. I don’t play any better (sadly), but at least I am more confident.
  14. The green color is nice and matched my Wilson raquet pretty well.
  15. I understand lightening can be tricky but they should at least mention that.

Buy Wilson Pro Tennis Racquet Over Grip, Pack of 3 here $7.75

Wilson Pro Tennis Overgrip 12-Pack

wilson pro tennis overgrip pack

  1. Between me and my kids, we’ve been playing tennis for over 35 years and this beat Tourna and Gamma hands down!
  2. We only order Wilson Pro Overgrip and we’ll continue to use it as long as we’re still playing.
  3. I used them as an overgrip on my Head Youtek Speed Elite and they were plenty long enough to cover the whole grip.
  4. Good value for a good quality grip especially considering you get 12 in one package.
  5. They have a good, tacky feeling to them once you put them on your racket, and as they wear they it still offers a good grip feeling.
  6. I’d guess the average play time with one of these grips is in the 40-60 hour mark before you really start to feel as if the racket might slip out of your hands.
  7. I give tennis lessons many times a week and love this grip.
  8. While they aren’t the tackyest on the market, they stay pretty consistent as they wear down so they last longer.
  9. Bulk packaging helps reduce the cost as the local store 3 packs were almost double the cost per wrap.
  10. It is tacky but not over tacky and just comfortable in your hands.
  11. I bought my second bag after running out on the first order.
  12. Surprised to find out that all the overgrips inside the bag are actually ‘HEAD’ brand, even though the small tape around the overgrip is ‘Wilson’.
  13. We are very disappointed because we were looking to buy the Wilson brand.
  14. Not sure where the problem started, but not good to customer.
  15. It has the right amount of tackiness to provide a good grip without having to hold the racquet tightly.

Buy Wilson Pro Tennis Overgrip 12-Pack here $16.95

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