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Recreation rocket for players who know their capabilities and who want to enjoy a peaceful game on the court. Model forgiving mistakes thanks to the big head. Federer 105 is a design inspired by the rocket racket Roger Federer offering amazing sensation and stability during the game. Federer 105 is characterized by an increased head area and balance on her and moderate weight.

Such proportions and parameters guarantee comfort, strong impact and stability of the game. Balance-33.6 cm

Head size-677 cm2

Material-Graphite composite

Weight (without strain): 278g

Length-68.6 cm

String arrangement-16×19

Frame profile: 24 mm

Brand: Wilson


Wilson Federer Team 105 Tennis Racquet

wilson federer team tennis racquet

  1. A skilled player will be very disappointed in it’s playability.
  2. The racquet would be OK for someone who plays tennis every once in awhile,but not for someone who is accomplished.

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