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High quality Wilson tennis racket model Roger Federer 21 designed for younger players.

Thanks to the use of modern technologies, the rocket is stronger and stiffer.


Age group: 5-6 years

head area-95 in2

weight-180 g

length-53.3 cm (23 in)

amount strings-16×17

cover-in the set

Brand: Wilson


Wilson Federer Adult Strung Tennis Racket

wilson federer adult strung tennis racket

  1. Wilson has further enhanced the frame with its Arc Technology for greater stability.
  2. The result is a string bed that is livelier, with more power and greater stability while still being comfortable.
  3. No abuse, it just broke just above where the handle meets the frame.
  4. The handle stood up well though, still looks new, tape all in place.
  5. It was my first racket & did its job, but I expected it to last longer.
  6. I saw another review with similar experience, seems I’m not the only one.
  7. Having nice, new rackets has definitely been a motivator for us to get out and play in the evenings and on the weekends.
  8. I bought four different tennis rackets in a similar price range and they are all about the same except for minor differences.
  9. The strings are very tight and the handle is very good.
  10. The product is well made, reasonably priced, and I’ve used it a couple of times with no issues.
  11. Recommended for those who casually play tennis or for beginners.
  12. I’m not sure if it was just me, a defect in the racket, or something else.
  13. I used the second one to play with her and had a blast.
  14. Warning, if you try this with your son/daughter, prepare to have a few days of soreness afterwards.
  15. Hasn’t shown much wear or issues after ~6 months of regular use.

Buy Wilson Federer Adult Strung Tennis Racket here $19.99 – $56.46

Wilson Federer Junior Tennis Racquet

wilson federer junior tennis racquet

  1. Super oversized Head for maximum sweet spot and extra power.
  2. Titanium O-Beam construction for increased durability and comfort.
  3. As a beginner, I wanted a quality racquet that was serious but not too expensive (especially if he decides he doesn’t like the game.) As it turns out, he loves the game and the 25″ was the right size for him (53 inches tall); plus, it still gives him room to growth with it.
  4. Also I liked the fact that the racquet came with a cover.
  5. All in all, a great racquet at a very reasonable price.
  6. We bought both the 23″ and the 25″ and he quickly outgrew the smaller one (using the 25″ racquet at age 9).
  7. I gave the smaller one to a friend’s child who says he loves the racquet and both children are playing tennis really well, so overall, I would say it’s a great racquet for kids.

Buy Wilson Federer Junior Tennis Racquet here $24.95 – $77.94

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