tennis racket gas tour wilson lite slam title

tennis racket gas tour wilson lite slam title 1
Tennis racket WILSON TOUR SLAM lite 30200U3 L3 with Shock Sleeves system that effectively reduces vibrations and vibrations Intended for amateur games and training


Head size-723cm2

Weight without crimson-274g

Weight with tension-306g

Length-69.9 cm

Strut arrangement-16×19

Balance-9pts HL

Frame profile-21mm V Beam

Thickness of the handle-4 3/8″(11 , 5cm)

Brand: Wilson


Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung Tennis Racket

wilson tour slam adult strung tennis racket

  1. The extra length (27.5”) means that you’ll be able to attack the ball with extra momentum, a fact that bodes well for those who want to hit with more power and spin.
  2. The racket comes with Stop Shock pads, which enables the string bed to soak up additional vibration and transfer more power to your shot.
  3. Those 5 months allowed me to truly enjoy learning the game for a minimal investment.
  4. Now for the nitty-gritty, since the specs aren’t on the frame itself:

    The oversize (110 sq.

  5. This is perfect as it is very encouraging for a beginner or inexperienced player.
  6. However, it is a nice weight overall – in fact the racket I initially upgraded to had a fairly comparable weight although a smaller head size.
  7. As a general guideline, you’re supposed to use the heaviest racket you can handle for a few hours of play without exhausting your muscles by the end of the matches due to the weight.
  8. Adding this spec for those who are wanting to know, but basically that means it’s easily maneuverable and you won’t struggle with it in your hands at the net or on the serve, or even at the baseline.
  9. The strings never broke on me which was nice, as by the time they loosened up enough to get it restrung I was ready to upgrade rackets.
  10. Not sure which strings they put in it, but they did provide good power and I was able to apply good spin to the ball as well.
  11. Overall, I didn’t care about the specs at all when I bought it.
  12. If you’re thinking about getting this racket, then you probably aren’t that interested in the specs either.
  13. Of course not, let’s not kid anyone – when starting a new sport, you don’t need to break the bank buying Cadillac equipment.
  14. But is it one to get if you’re unsure you will stay with the sport?
  15. Is it one to get if you want one to go have fun with your friends every now and again without investing much?
  16. Is it one to get to have a couple extras laying around for visiting friends who don’t regularly play?
  17. All in all, I highly recommend this racket for the beginner!<
  18. It is a bit small for my hand
    but if you’ve played tennis before, you know that you can (and should) buy “over grips” and shock absorbers
    those accessories are pretty cheap and can be found at most sporting goods store or department
    It comes strung tight enough to get straight on the court and looks exactly like the picture
    This racquet is light to me, but to someone not as athletic, this racquet might get heavy after playing for awhile

    I would definitely recommend racquet for any casual player and I would recommend it to competitive (league) players as a back up racquet.

  19. I did not want to get her a really expensive racket, since she is very new to tennis.
  20. It provides a large sweet spot and a good amount of power, which she needs.
  21. If she keeps playing tennis, I think that she should be able to use this for a couple of years before she may want to buy another one.
  22. I play just for fun with my brother every now and then (we are both subpar tennis players) and I have started crushing him after switching to this racquet!
  23. I could not believe the incredibly low price for a Racquet.
  24. I have used it about 15 times for about and hour each time.
  25. Like many others I do like to hit the tennis ball pretty hard some times.
  26. My girlfriend is a newbie and could rally with me on the first day.

Buy Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung Tennis Racket here $29.99 – $39.99

Wilson Tour Slam Lite Tennis Racquet

wilson tour slam lite tennis racquet

  1. Starter player rackets are light, powerful and ready to hit the court.
  2. We just volley back and forth so I’m not sure how this would work in a competitive environment, but it works for us.
  3. The W painted on the strings also was chipping after one use.
  4. We just wanted something to play around with to make use of our neighborhood tennis courts.
  5. Mostly just playing for exercise with my wife but this was a nice value.
  6. It usually hits the ball but it really helps if you know how to play some tennis.
  7. Can’t wait to play tennis and make it our weekly family activity!<

Buy Wilson Tour Slam Lite Tennis Racquet here $19.99 – $49.80

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