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– ARC2 TECHNOLOGY-greater stability

– PERFORATED HANDLE-Moisture absorption

– AIRLITE BUMPER-lightness

– AIRLITE ALLOY-strength


Head area-665cm2

Weight (no load)

– 275g

Length-27 inches (69 cm)

– standard

Number of strings-16×19

Handle size-4 3/8 (3)

Included-rocket case

Brand: Wilson


Wilson US Open Adult Strung Tennis Racket

wilson open adult strung tennis racket

  1. The racket mixes in power, comfort, and control, ideal for any beginner to intermediate level player.
  2. I took a chance on this racquet as it looked like my beloved Wilson Ncode and I am terribly cheap.
  3. Within 30 minutes of play I had part tennis racquet and part maraca.
  4. My guess is internal pieces of the grommet broke off on hard hits and now rattle around the hollow portion of the beam.
  5. Each hit was met with a discordant shaka-shaka noise that affected me more than my opponent.
  6. The frame broke during the first hour of playing with it.
  7. Didn’t hit the ground or anything odd like that, just hit normally and the frame bent and broke.
  8. It slipped from my hand and banged on the ground and top became flat.
  9. Seller wont accept the return and their suggestion is to fix it ourselves in a sports store.

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