tennis racket gas wish Youth

tennis racket gas wish Youth 1
Rocket Wish 2500 is a great proposition for beginner players who are just starting their adventure with tennis. It will also be great for recreational games. Due to its size, the rocket is designed mainly for juniors.

The frame is made entirely of aluminum, ensuring durability and resistance to damage while maintaining low weight.

A cover attached to the upper part of the rocket is included in the set.


Intended use –
– for beginners

– for juniors

– recreational game


Head size-112

Naciag-20-22 kgs

Length-63 cm

Cover-3/4 length

Color-blue-white-black wrapper

Brand: Wish


Butterfly Free Chack Table Tennis Racket Glue – Perfect for Assembling Ping Pong Paddle – Comes with Sponges and Application Clip

butterfly free chack table tennis racket glue perfect for assembling ping pong p

  1. Gently press down and cut excess rubber from the blade.
  2. The glue really is great stuff: no funky smell, minimal mess with the applicator sponges, and it dries FAST, which saves time (that’s a plus for the fast drying property).
  3. But if you are inexperienced like me, I want to advise you to be cognizant of your application time.
  4. What I mean is, when you apply the glue to your rubber or blade, spread it evenly and carefully, but do it quickly (I estimate about 30 seconds to 1 minute per coat of glue tops).
  5. I initially made the mistake of thinking, “Oh, this glue is very watery, I can take my time spreading it.” I was dead wrong!
  6. For my first sheet of rubber, I took my time spreading the glue on the rubber, but after brushing the glue back and forth for a while (I probably made like 20 or more passes back and forth), I started seeing these tiny white dots or balls on the surface of my rubber.
  7. I think this was because the glue was already drying and the additional brushes that I was making was causing the drying glue to curl up.
  8. It didn’t take too long for this to happen, probably only a minute or two of spreading/brushing the glue.
  9. Luckily I was able to salvage the gluing job on this first rubber by taking a razor blade and cutting out some of these glue dots/balls (very carefully).
  10. Then I waited for this first coat of glue to dry and applied a second coat, while paying special attention to the area that I messed up before; adding a little more glue to those areas.
  11. Rubber is sticking to the blade securely with no visible deformities.
  12. Spread the glue with only a few brushing strokes back and forth; brushing too many times for too long will cause the tiny glue balls/dots to appear.
  13. If you see the glue balls appear, STOP brushing the glue immediately, continuing brushing will only make it worse.
  14. Your best option is probably to wait until this first layer of glue drys, then apply a second coat and add more glue where it is needed.
  15. Hope this helps fellow Do-It-Yourselfers avoid the same mistakes that I made, and hopefully have a smoother process when assembling your own rackets.
  16. The instructions are concise and not difficult to follow.
  17. I believe I should have no problem with the paddle any time soon.
  18. When you pull off a rubber, it is easy to “clean” the blade of old glue.
  19. I like the Butterfly’s precision applicator top and the 8 sponges.
  20. If you go with the padding compound, bring lots of brushes and paper towels.
  21. But not that easy to remove the old glue from the sponge.
  22. I’ve also used the Paddle Palace glue, but I like this better, especially with Tenergy rubber.

Buy Butterfly Free Chack Table Tennis Racket Glue – Perfect for Assembling Ping Pong Paddle – Comes with Sponges and Application Clip here $17.99 – $79.99

Gambler Custom Professional Table Tennis Paddle with Wingwood IM8 Carbon Blade and Big Gun Rubber plus Case

gambler custom professional table tennis paddle with wingwood carbon blade and b

  1. This blade features cypress and Ayous in addition to the outer ply of Wing Wood.
  2. We start with a hand lacquered high quality blade, and two ITTF/USATT approved rubbers.
  3. Exotic Wing Wood IM8 Carbon is a one of a kind beauty 5 plies of high grade slow cured wood and 2 layers of IM8 carbon.
  4. WW IM8 has an incredible balance, high degree of flexibility.
  5. Ideal for players who use want maximum feeling and use spin as a primary weapon.
  6. Wing Wood is highly regarded as a material that positively increases the spin of all rubbers.
  7. The IM8 carbon is located below the 2nd ply on each side of the blade.
  8. This blade is thermo-pressure sealed, a light satin lacquer is baked into the top layer then lightly polished to help prevent splintering.
  9. This ITTF/USATT approved rubber can be used in National or International events.
  10. Gambler Big Gun is an aggressive attack rubber for players who wish to initiate power with pace from mid court.
  11. The paddle is professionally finished with edge tape, and the rubbers may be removed and replaced when worn.
  12. This bat has an approximate total weight of 176 grams, this falls on the LIGHT side of a professional table tennis bat (average weight of a professional bat with rubbers is 170 grams to 195 grams).
  13. Bats over 195 are considered to be heavy, while bats under 170 are considered to be feather weight.
  14. A single Gambler Dragon Competitor paddle cover is included.
  15. For defects, item will be refunded or replaced within 30 days of purchase.
  16. I got it with the same rubber on both sides, and while that’s good, maybe I should have got the one with a slightly less responsive rubber on one side.
  17. This is a professional quality bat, my level is 1670 USATT rank.
  18. I really need to play at least 5 or 6 hours a week for timing good enough to take advantage of the gears.
  19. I love this blade, it has the perfect balance of control and power for me.
  20. I also love Big Gun on my forehand, which pairs nicely with this blade.
  21. I prefer a slower control rubber on my backhand, currently I’m using Gambler Reflectoid.
  22. At the time of writing this review, the following claims are made in the product description:

    – Professionally glued so rubbers can be replaced when worn
    – Comes hand assembled from our USA pro shop ready to play

    I believe both of the above statements to be false.

  23. I’m a long time tournament player, and have removed and re-glued many many hundreds of sheets of rubber in my day.
  24. Removing the Big Gun from this blade was a nightmare, too much glue was used, and the wrong type of glue was used, it has way too strong a bond.
  25. It took me 15 minutes to slowly and gently peel it off the Big Gun, and a lot of force was required.
  26. Take a look at the photo I added, and see the thick layer of glue that remains.
  27. Also notice multiple small pieces of blue sponge that were left behind.
  28. Lastly, notice a small piece of the wing wood on the right side that was lifted off the blade with the sponge.
  29. The wing wood is delicate stuff, and don’t know if with survive the removal of this glue.
  30. This one came inside a paddle case that was shrink wrapped.
  31. It looks mass produced to me, my guess is likely in China by Gambler.
  32. I saved a bunch of money by getting this assembled version instead of buying the blade and rubbers separately.
  33. I would have been better off paying the extra and assembling it myself.

Buy Gambler Custom Professional Table Tennis Paddle with Wingwood IM8 Carbon Blade and Big Gun Rubber plus Case here $41.99

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