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Allright Evolution 27″tennis racquet is designed for recreational play, targeting beginners.


– Length of the rocket: 68 cm (27")

– Weight: 300-320 g.

– Material: Aluminum

– Excellent rocket made entirely of aluminum.

– The special construction of the rocket allows for good vibration damping.

– Provides good rebound control and high ball speed.

– The 3/4 case with a comfortable strap is an integral part of the rocket

Brand: Allright


STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racket (2 Rackets)

stiga evolution table tennis racket rackets

  1. Nano Composite Technology Stronger and tighter bonds in the rubber increase speed and spin.
  2. ACS Numerous microscopic air-capsules in an ultralight rubber allows high speed to be combined with maximum elasticity and outstanding control.
  3. WRB Weight Balance: The balance of the blade is shifted to the point of contact with the ball.
  4. Rate of Recovery: The decrease in blade weight improves rate of recovery after each stroke.
  5. Ball Sensitivity: The strategically positioned recess in the handle provides extra sensitivity of touch.
  6. The racket I use for my own playing is much more elaborate, and about eight times the price, but these rackets are great for visitors who don’t have their own equipment.
  7. They’re much higher quality than typical pre-made “extras” with a nice shape to the blade handles, decent sponge, fairly lively rubber, and a comfortable weight.
  8. I’ve played with them and have been able to impart reasonable spin, play both offensively and defensively, and make many of the same shots I could have with my more professional, custom racket.
  9. Returns the ball with high speed, which makes it harder for the opponent to return.
  10. Help level the the competition when you offer similar equipment to two opponents and let skill determine the result.

Buy STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racket (2 Rackets) here $99.99

STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racket

stiga evolution table tennis racket

  1. This new SDT technology utilizes a high-tech composite rod that is integrated into the handle and blade.
  2. This tube allows energy and vibration created from contact with the ball to be transferred through the tube and out of the handle in the form of sound energy, which improves speed, control and feel.
  3. I had not played in years, but we started to get competitive, so I bought this paddle because of the great reviews.
  4. Has given me a great advantage and made the games much more fun.
  5. Also awesome friction on the ball so you can really spin the ball however you like.
  6. Since the handle is lighter than the average racket, it does take a little getting used to, so definitely don’t just buy and go into a competition.
  7. The paddle was horrible quality and smelled like paint thinner.
  8. I was worried that it was going to have some defects, because of some reviews I read.
  9. I don’t know if it was luck, or the company read the reviews too, but the one I have looks, handles, and feels great.
  10. I’m just an enthusiast, no professional by any means, and way far away from an Olympic player!<
  11. I just enjoy the game playing with friends a couple times a week!
  12. If you have paid your beginner dues, enjoy the game, and you are ready to find out what you can do, get this paddle!
  13. I hadn’t played since the late 80’s early 90’s and just started again and I think this is a solid rig.
  14. I did find the handle to be thin, but I used a couple of layers of vet wrap and that made the handle the thickness that felt right, and is soft to the touch and didn’t really add weight.
  15. I’m not a great player, probably just borderline decent, but I wish the head was a little bit heavier.
  16. It feels great but I tend to like the more ‘top heavy’ blades.
  17. I’m going to try my old golf trick of Pine Sol and detergent but not feeling confident.
  18. Even with that said bang for the buck; this is a solid buy.
  19. Was looking for the best bats for recreational use, but could also step up into competition.
  20. I’m based in New Zealand but these were the ones that sounded the best for what I was searching for.
  21. They have the perfect balance of control, grip, spin and even somehow allow an incredibly high number of miss-hits to still somehow get back on the table, so very forgiving.
  22. I am very pleased with these and would totally recommend them to anyone else who has a table tennis table at home.
  23. They suit everyone from the beginner through to the advanced.
  24. It plays very fast, so it’s a little harder to control.
  25. But if you have a strong attack game, this paddle is perfect.
  26. After about a year and a half it still looks fairly new.
  27. Overall I’m really impressed with the quality of this paddle.
  28. The amount of control I feel is completely worth the price.
  29. This paddle is much lighter and has some more spin, but the major difference is the speed of this paddle.
  30. You would think for this amount of money spent it would last longer.

Buy STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racket here $52.99

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