tent Spokey jumbo passenger

tent Spokey jumbo passenger 1
Two-layer trekking tent, designed for three people. Convenience-the dimensions of the expanded tent allow for a comfortable rest for 3 people.

Good technical parameters-the use of modern and durable materials (Polyester, fiberglass)

and an additional sealing coat ensures waterproofness and preservation of practical values ​​of the tent for a long time. Low weight-a tent of just 4 kg, which makes it easy to carry during the expeditions. PURPOSE: Overnight in the area, during a mountain climbing.


– Number of layers: 2

– Number of people: 3

– Material:

– Tropic Polyester 185T 68D

– water resistance 3000 mm

– floor: watertight PE foil (120 g / m2)

– frame: fiberglass 8.5 mm

– external dimensions 330x240x132cm

– internal dimensions bedroom: 185x220x120 cm

– weight: 4kg

– vestibule: 2

– entries: 2

– floor in the vestibules

– fluorescent offshoots

– 6 pockets inside

Brand: Spokey


North Star Sports Sub-Zero black & Coyote Minus 15 W/Comp Stuff Sack Sleeping Bag

north star sports sub zero black amp coyote minus comp stuff sack sleeping bag

  1. F (-17°C) COMFORT LIMIT RATING: Average man can sleep comfortably.
  2. F (-9°C) COMFORT RATING: Average standard woman can sleep comfortably.
  3. TRIPLE LAYER CONSTRUCTION: Fully synthetic hydrophobic silicone air core fill material selected for high compression to maximum loft characteristics.
  4. OVERSIZED MUMMY – Fits the tall and the small, the hefty and the hungry with an overall size of 86″ X 36″ X 24″ and a large boxed foot area.
  5. Oversize designed mummy bag accommodates most sizes of people.
  6. With a survival temperature down to -15°F (-26°C) this bag is great for 3 season camping.
  7. Hollow fiber silicone fill material has excellent compression to loft expansion characteristics creating an excellent thermal barrier for the weight.
  8. Richly colored rip-stop shell fabric is soft to the touch and rugged enough to last a lifetime.
  9. Advanced thermal insulation elements like a full-length zipper draft tube, chest baffle, and hood baffle, keep the heat around your body.
  10. A jumbo two-way, self-repairing #10 zipper is easy to grab with its extended reflective fabric pull tabs.
  11. Sub Zero Bags’ mantra of Buy It For Life extends into every thread in our sleeping bag – each stress point is box stitched and edges are always double-stitched – it is built to last.
  12. Product zipped-up dimensions are 86” long by 36” wide by 24” tall with gusset sidewalls.
  13. Durable compression stuff pack with a drawstring closure and a buckle clipped flip-over cap is included.
  14. Its fairly bulky when rolled up but you need plenty of fill in a winter bag.
  15. Big difference in quality and features between this and a competitors similarly priced winter bag I tried out.
  16. This one has a large YKK zipper that unzips from both ends and better materials.
  17. Update: Slept outdoors with this bag over the weekend with low of 13 degrees Fahrenheit.
  18. He’s up at deer camp at the moment and says he’s toasty warm and very comfortable when he’s in it.
  19. Should be perfect for those camping nights when the temps dip into the upper 30s and lower 40s.
  20. Won’t get the chance to really test it out until this spring.
  21. The bag is fairly puffy and takes up more room when stuffed than my husband’s North Face, but his bag isn’t rated as low as this one.
  22. It about 8 inches tall when it’s laying down, more than double an average bag.
  23. It’s not heavy, it’s about 2 pounds heavier than a bag from Walmart or something.
  24. It’s a little large for a backpacker if you have an internal frame.
  25. Mine is external so no big deal, I don’t think I’d even notice the difference.
  26. I live in Wisconsin and freeze in a normal bag in the spring and fall.
  27. Im heavy weight with a barrel shape and pretty short 5″1 to boot it.
  28. This is my first mummy bag so for me it felt like i was being wrapped with a really poofy blanket.
  29. It is definitely warm, I had to unzip the lower part the whole night.
  30. This bag was really good with temperature even without the sleeping mat.
  31. It got down to single digits that’s all I know and I stayed warm and had enough space in a hammock.
  32. Contacted vendor and Doug sent me a new bag and said to just donate old bag to charity.
  33. Only reason not 5 star is you can’t zip two bags together; zippers are not designed that way.
  34. Bummer but a real good single bag for hunting and fishing.
  35. It was below 10 degrees that night and I slept totally warm and toasty.
  36. Had to lose the sweet pants and shirt sometime in the night.

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