century match bushmen

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Convenient to use like a stove, especially when lighting a bonfire, a tourist stove, candles or, for example, an oil lamp.

A practical combination of gas lighter, flint and igniter.

The igniter is made of a steel tube at the end of which is a cotton wick and a magnet.

The end for which the ignition is held is a simultaneously threaded cap, which closes the petrol tank.

The ignition, along with the wick is immersed in gasoline (in the container), so it is always ready for use. All you need to do is unscrew the nut, remove the gasoline cap and start sparkling with the spark-proof sparks-gasoline will light up with a bright, bright flame.

Eternal BUSHMEN button with a small carabiner, which allows you to easily attach an eternal keychain.

Thanks to this, it is an aesthetic pendant every day. Remember to refill the petrol tank from time to time.

Brand: Bushmen


Shinymod UV Protection Cooling or Warmer Arm Sleeves for Men Women Kids Sunblock Protective Gloves Running Golf Cycling Driving 1 Pair/ 3 Pairs/ 5 Pairs Long Tattoo Cover Arm Warmer

shinymod protection cooling warmer arm sleeves for men women kids sunblock prote

  1. For the size, we tested and get a conclusion that if your bicep size is 8inch – 13inch, you may feel most comfortable when wearing Shinymod arm sleeves.
  2. If you have a larger bicep, they may feel little tight.
  3. Not easy to cause bacteria, fast sweat kick-away and fast dry, make your skin fresh all day.
  4. Designed by considering all muscle line of body to protect muscle.
  5. Great skin protection when you working outside or doing any outdoor activities.
  6. This is cooler and protect your skin better than other brand.
  7. Perfect for Cycling, Driving, Basketball, Football & Outdoor Activities.
  8. Perfect for Cycling, Driving, Running, Basketball, Football & Outdoor Activities.
  9. You understand the importance of living an active lifestyle.
  10. While others back down after experiencing a little discomfort, you have the determination and willpower to push through.
  11. We feel the amazing honor and awesome responsibility every day of supporting you.
  12. Everyone love the sun, but prolonged human exposure to solar UV radiation may result in acute and chronic health effects on the skin, eye and immune system.
  13. Sunburn (erythema) is the best-known acute effect of excessive UV radiation exposure.
  14. Over the longer term, UV radiation induces degenerative changes in cells of the skin, fibrous tissue and blood vessels leading to premature skin aging, photodermatoses and actinic keratoses.
  15. Another long-term effect is an inflammatory reaction of the eye.
  16. In the most serious cases, skin cancer and cataracts can occur.
  17. We were shocked by the higher and higher rates of skin cancer, we felt responsibility, then we bring you this cooling sleeves to fight that battle and raise a greater awareness.
  18. Have been developed through heavy research with intentions to help protect people.
  19. It is our biggest pursuit to provide products with a health benefit while allowing people to express their sense of style in an unseen way.
  20. Wearing Shinymod cooling sport sleeves feels protected.
  21. Wearing our sleeves, no risk of getting burnt, no more inconvenience heavy parasol, no more toxic sticky sunscreen on your arms, no need to reapply throughout the day, just put them yourself or the kids at the beach, or any outdoor sports, no more chasing them around with the sunscreen, you are fully UV protected all day long.
  22. Wearing Shinymod cooling sport sleeves feels like having an air conditioning system wrapped around your arms.
  23. Making of special performance cooler material, our sleeves deliver an instant cooling effect on you skin in the hot days while you engage in outdoor activities like building, gardening, golfing, basketball, tennis, cycling, fishing, triathlon training, jogging, driving the car, and more.
  24. You even wear them inside air-conditioned office to keep your arms warm.
  25. Soak for 10 minutes in detergent, cannot be steamed or boiled

    ③ To make it lint-free, please wash it with hand gently, do not scrub hard, avoid twisting force, do not scrub with brush.

  26. Please wash separately, avoid to clean together with the deep color clothing.
  27. It is very comfortable to every one to wear, from kids to adults, from small female to huge man, from sport fanatics to people work in hot conditions or work need to cover tattoos.
  28. Breathable, fast dry, very absorbent of sweat, wick moisture away from the skin, make your skin feel fresh all day.
  29. Say goodbye to heat rash, erythema, black spots, and so on.
  30. Micro pressure stripe design dissipates force for wrist, make your arms look more slender.
  31. Our sleeves also can respell bugs and mosquitoes far away you.
  32. Best Copper Infused Fit Gloves For Carpal Tunnel, Computer Typing, & Support For Hands.
  33. I’m fair skinned, and I burn like crazy, so sun sleeves are my friends.
  34. The main issues I’ve run into with sun sleeves are 1) fit, 2) hand coverage, and 3) how they look.
  35. I was going to include how well they stay up, but that’s usually a function of the fit.
  36. For me, these sleeves work on all three counts: they fit well, I could use them as both plain sleeves AND sleeves that cover my hands, and they lay smoothly on my arm so they looked decent.
  37. Let’s be realistic.) There was no big logo shouting out at you, either, which I appreciated.
  38. Somewhere in the product description I read that the pink sleeves offered the most protection.
  39. Or maybe I dreamed that, but whatever.) For that reason, I wore the pink ones during the days when my sun exposure was the worst, and they performed great!
  40. My skin was well protected, the sleeves were comfortable, and they stayed in place perfectly.
  41. I was able to cover and uncover my hands easily, and it’s not visible unless your thumb is sticking through it.
  42. The pink color is relatively subtle once it’s on, which I liked since it’s not my favorite color.
  43. I also wore the gray ones, and I have the same comments, but the gray ones weren’t tested in as much sun as the pink ones, so I can’t tell you if they are as good or not.
  44. As an added bonus, treating the sleeves with Permethrin also worked great.
  45. Other people were slapping at their arms, while I didn’t even notice the mosquitos.
  46. The smell went away for the two pairs of sleeves after I had them out for a while and wore them.
  47. As for the fit, my arms are short and not very big around.
  48. These were great for me, and there’s lots of stretch to accommodate a larger arm.
  49. I deliver mail and need them for protection from the sun.
  50. While I am in my truck, there is no AC, so they get kinda warm, but I get them wet and they keep me cool.
  51. My arms had a rash from the sweat and that is almost gone.
  52. They get stained, hoping to find a way to clean them better.
  53. The top of the sleeve is a little snug as other have mentioned, but that’s just to hold it in place.
  54. The sleeves allow your arms to vent while preventing a sunburn.
  55. I recently wore the black ones while moving equipment with a forklift in full sun and my arms were not dying.
  56. These sleeves are amazing and I would recommend to anyone that is trying to protect from the sun!<
  57. So convenient in this Florida weather, where it starts out at 35 degrees in the morning and then 80 by lunch.
  58. I don’t have to sit there and get undressed to remove them.
  59. Unfortunately if they get caught on anything velcro they get pulls, expected though for this material.
  60. I recommend hand washing for sure to keep integrity of the sleeves.
  61. Because my sleeves ride up my arm, while riding, there is 2-3 inch gap between my gloves and sleeves which causes me to get sunburned on my wrists and in southern Arizona in the summer, there is no such thing a little burnt and after my last ride, I decided to finally do something about it.
  62. I’m not into the sleeves that look like tattoos, I have the real thing so I was looking for something less artsy and more medical grade.
  63. These are a very good quality sleeve, a little thick but that means they should hold up a little better than the artsy ones.
  64. To keep the sleeve from riding up, there is a thumb hole that holds it down into my gloves and the thicker material holds it very well around my bicep.
  65. I’ve already used them and not once did I suffer any irritation around my newly acquired sunburned wrists.
  66. I am going to buy a few more, and permanently keep them in stock.
  67. I am amazed and very pleased with their customer service.
  68. I am allergic to sunblock and a
    lot to times, I get a rash from the sun.
  69. They are less than two weeks old, and one of them has a hole in it already.
  70. We live in Vegas and work in outdoor music venues so deal with high, dry heat, direct sunlight , and all while on asphalt wearing black clothing.
  71. They work extremely well and in 115 degree heat outside in the sun it stays extremely cool/cold for 25 minutes give or take, which may not sound like a lot of time but is more than enough to seriously cool your body down.
  72. In 100 degree weather it works for a good 30 to 45 minutes, and so on.
  73. Definitely an excellent investment if you work outside.
  74. But recently I got a tattoo on my arm and sun is bad for tattoos.
  75. My wife let me borrow one of hers to wear but it looked pretty girly so she ordered these for me.
  76. They are great because they go up the arm, full coverage.
  77. They are great quality and I’m surprised they can sell them so reasonable.
  78. Nike sells ones similar to these and are a lot more expensive.

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