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Comfortable FuelBelt Endurance belt with four 207 ml bottles. Neoprene pocket.

Adjustable length of the belt.

Brand: Fuelbelt

FuelBelt Helium Running Race Belt with Race Bib Locks and Storage

fuelbelt helium running race belt with race bib locks and storage

  1. Reflective Running Waist Pack with Expandable Hands-Free Workout & Fitness Pockets.
  2. Water-repellent Helium Hex-Foam material has hexagonally shaped air channels for breathability, providing optimum comfort and performance in warm weather.
  3. A water-resistant micro storage pouch conveniently and securely carries keys and energy gels while minimizing bulk.
  4. This belt is ideal for races, with two detachable micro race locks to securely hold a race bib without the need for safety pins that may damage clothing.
  5. Reflective accents provide extra visibility when running on cloudy days or for those early morning or late evening races.
  6. The bounce-free unisex design fits comfortably, with a quick-closure buckle and straps that are easy to adjust even while wearing.

Buy FuelBelt Helium Running Race Belt with Race Bib Locks and Storage here $14.99

FuelBelt Helium UltraLight Hydration Running Belt with Storage and Two BPA-Free Water Bottles, 20 Ounce Total Capacity

fuelbelt helium ultralight hydration running belt with storage and two bpa free

  1. The water-repellent Helium hex-foam material has hexagonally shaped air channels for breathability and wicks away sweat for comfort during long runs, even in hot weather.
  2. Bottles are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe for cleaning between uses.
  3. This running belt is ideal for both training runs and races, with detachable Micro race locks to securely hold a race bib without the need for safety pins.
  4. Reflective accents provide extra visibility when running on cloudy days or for those early morning or late evening runs.
  5. The bounce-free Unisex design comfortably fits most waist sizes.
  6. The belt is easily adjustable from 24 to 40 inches, even during a run, with a custom Velcro closure that includes a storage pocket for small items.
  7. The bottles are easy to remove from the holsters once you figure out the angle to remove them.
  8. The problem is that the belt tends to slide around and shift.
  9. One of the solutions is to just cinch the belt tighter, but with a waist size of 32, this belt already feels like it is designed for a much much much larger person.
  10. This is quickly becoming my favorite hydration belt for shorter runs and races.
  11. I used to use my hydration pack but this is so much lighter and the bottles really don’t bounce that I am thinking about switching.
  12. I am really thin and usually have issues getting gear to sit tight enough around my waist.
  13. This thing does get tight enough and it is really easy to do so.
  14. Once you thread the straps through the front pouch you can pull them back at the same time for an even, tight fit.
  15. The ends have elastic loops to keep them in place and not dig into your arms when you are running.
  16. He said it was big enough for him and also stayed in place with no re-adjustments during his run.
  17. Next, this has attachments for a racing bib which I find to be super helpful!
  18. During the race nothing fits right, keeps pulling one way or anything.
  19. I usually use a race belt just for the bib, but with this I can just wear one and be done with it.
  20. The attachments are little strips of Velcro that have locking strings on them.
  21. You can move them anywhere across the straps that you want.
  22. The straps go over top of them and still stay in place no matter where you put them.
  23. My husband uses their gear all the time so he had no issues, but I had to keep using too hands and struggled with it until I got it down.
  24. I don’t think I can describe the maneuver, you need to push it in and up at the same time and it releases with one hand.
  25. The top of the bottles is a soft silicone material that you can bite and pull open with your teeth also keeping your hands free.
  26. I did a total of 28 miles tested this over 5 different runs plus my husband’s single test run and neither of us saw a single drop spill.
  27. They were sideways and moved all over the back of the car to and from the trail and still no spill.
  28. The belt is comfortable for hours, there is padding all over the thing so nothing pulls or digs into you no matter how tight you pull it.
  29. The fabric that touches you seems to be designed to limit sweat as well because I did notice that my skin wasn’t red and super gross after taking it off.
  30. My hydration pack makes my shoulders almost dripping wet with sweat and red for a day or two.
  31. The front pouch can hold a few gels, chewable blocks, or beans easily.
  32. I had 3 gels once with my car keys, and 2 packs of beans also with my car keys another time.
  33. If you use gels then I want to point out you can sneak gels into the loops on the side of the straps easily.
  34. I would have thought that shoving my car keys in there would end up with them digging into me, but even sideways they stayed in the padding and didn’t hurt at all.
  35. I don’t think it will keep everything dry for hours and hours but enough to get a run in during the rain storm.
  36. No bouncing, no moving, and everything stayed comfortable during the whole run.
  37. I have no negative comments, I wouldn’t change anything or ask for anything else to be added.
  38. Dehydration is a major running issue for me, so I was interested in trying out this hydration solution from Fuel Belt.
  39. I’ve never used a running belt before, so I took a good amount of time to test it out.
  40. What I liked–
    The belt is constructed of a thick material that feels very durable.
  41. It seems like it could hold up to a lot of use and abuse (though I question the longevity of the velcro straps over time).
  42. Before testing it out, I was really worried that it would bounce around too much or uncomfortably ride up/down.
  43. It never felt insecure, and I notably didn’t have any chafing issues, even over the course of a 10-mile run.
  44. What I didn’t like:
    First, it takes some practice to hook and unhook the water bottles while in motion.
  45. In fact, I never really got it down, and I was usually forced to stop and walk if I wanted to take a sip of water.
  46. Second, the storage pocket in front is laughably small.
  47. You can maybe fit some keys and an energy gel, but you definitely shouldn’t expect to fit a smartphone.
  48. There is so much unused real-estate on this belt, you’d think they could add more pockets.
  49. Third, I had some minor leakage around the rims of the bottles, but this only occurred while I was drinking from the battles (so it wasn’t a major issue).
  50. So, if you’re looking for a hands-free way to carry a little water during long training runs, then this belt will work fine.
  51. I wouldn’t use it during a race, but it might be good to have when no other options for water are around.
  52. Though additional storage space or water bottles could have easily been added to this belt to make it a lot more useful.
  53. You do need to cinch it down to avoid bouncing, but once its tight enough I had no movement on a seven mile road run.
  54. The two 10 oz bottles provided a decent amount of water while keeping your hands free- a big improvement on carrying a 24 oz bottle with a strap style holder.
  55. I was able to take the bottles in and out of the clips without looking at them on the run.
  56. Downsides were the overly small pouch (good for a car key a few GUs only) it should have been able to hold a smartphone, a missed opportunity.
  57. The bottle’s valve is a bit unusual and doesn’t operate or flow as well as the Camelbak bite valve units.
  58. Still I was impressed with the belt and bottles and can see this being useful for long unsupported runs and multi-sport events.
  59. As others have pointed out it does tend to want to slip around.
  60. The belt is quite comfortable, but it did slide around a bit unless very tightly cinched.
  61. However, look pretty much all belts I’ve tried, this one rides up while I run.

Buy FuelBelt Helium UltraLight Hydration Running Belt with Storage and Two BPA-Free Water Bottles, 20 Ounce Total Capacity here $29.99

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