versatile tinder bushmen Rebel stranded cm black
The REBEL shovel is the essence of bushcraft (survival, prepping)

– no fancy, no plastic-only what you need:

solid core with a diameter of 8 mm and dL 80 mm,

convenient short sparkler

a piece of a strong paracord

Your rebellion

It’s a rebellion against commercialism, everyday life, cliché. Break from the mass, another-the same-the product created by "professionals" who-knowledge-better. We assure the beginning-I want you and decide what you want with it. You can change it into a key ring, an amulet for the neck, and maybe you can decorate it with an original crooked grip or simply appreciate the raw, straight, spherical shape as it is.

The hole in the core allows you to grip the tinder by crossing the branch or attached line. It also facilitates the attachment of your own original grip. We supply the REBEL shackle with a weave that allows for sparks to be struck without unraveling the paracord, and at the same time prevents the sparkler ringing the flint (which irritated us in other flints available on the market)

Iskrownik, has two blades to be struck and flat. Its shape, close to the key, gives a sure, comfortable grip and at the same time allows you to prop up it, for example to keys. You know how you want to start a fire.

The cable from the seven core paracord has a length of about 1 meter, just to accidentally tie something, for example, to replace the broken rope. The cable can also be used as a ruler (maybe not very accurate, but always: -).
Krzesiwo REBEL-created for those who value themselves, independence, freedom and their own uncrepeared style.

Brand: Bushmen


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